Photos: Top ten NFL players suspended for substance abuse -- before Von Miller

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Broncos all-pro Von Miller may be suspended, reportedly after testing positive for marijuana and Molly. "I know I did nothing wrong," he tweeted yesterday -- and indeed, one ex-Bronco's pot-use suspension was overturned a few years back. But that wasn't true of another Denver-affiliated player, who was photographed at this year's High Times Cannabis Cup. And that's not to mention the star benched after being caught with a Whizzinator. Check out those stories and more in our list of the top ten NFL players suspended for substance abuse -- before Von Miller.

Santonio Holmes

Santonio Holmes.
New York Daily News, June 2010: "Santonio Holmes was meeting with his new employers at 1:45 p.m. Monday when word came down from the NFL that he was being suspended four games without pay for violating the league's substance-abuse policy -- a hello-goodbye moment that takes the cake."

Ricky Williams

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Ricky Williams.
ESPN, February 2006: "Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has violated the NFL's substance abuse policy for a fourth time and is facing a one-year suspension from the league, Denver television station KDVR reported on Sunday....

"Williams has tested positive for marijuana three times and served a four-game suspension when he returned to the NFL last season following a one-year retirement."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten NFL players suspended for substance abuse -- before Von Miller.

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We AGAIN, have the PERFECT example OF why WW should NEVER write anything pertaining to sports ! That L.T., (Lawrence Taylor), somehow FAILED to make this list, only shows what little, (if anything), Roberts knows about pro sports !!!!


It's very disappointing news, hopefully Von straightens up and is responsible, this not only affects him and his money it affects the team, the fans and the Bronco organization.... I think the Broncos will be just fine but we sure will miss Von those first four games.....

fishingblues topcommenter

Michael:  what's with the headline?  It is not only misleading it is downright false.  As you explained in the text, Von Miller has not been suspended.  You do know that many people don't get past the headline.  So why the misdirection?  Do you think it would have more impact if you cheated a little?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@fishingblues ... you're asking the same propaganda mill that repeatedly promoted A64 as "marijuana legalization".

... and convinced 1000s of ignorant headline-only stoners of that falsehood.

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