Photos: Total Frat Move's ten latest "TFM" Colorado pics

Big photos below.
Back in January, we introduced you to Total Frat Move, which measures coolness using the "TFM" stamp of approval.

And apparently, Colorado is plenty cool -- because since we shared its ten most "TFM" Colorado photos, the site's collected plenty more pics featuring our fair state at its TFM-iest.

Here's our latest TFM countdown, complete with text from the user-submitted items themselves.

Number 10:

"Peyton's outfit while visiting the Colorado Rockies. TFM."

Number 9:

"'I think I'm just going to stay here.' TFM."

Continue to keep counting down Total Frat Move's ten latest most "TFM" Colorado pics.

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Weird, I looked at all the pictures and not one of them was funny. Actually, I didnt even notice anyhting strange abut them in any way. Random example, number 6, I see a guy playing golf. And thats pretty much it, is there something hidden here I`m supposed to see?  I`m in scandinavia, maybe thats the problem, amerikans are so weird.  :)

RobertChase topcommenter

I had already formed the impression that Capitol Hill has become a TFM based upon the prevalence of alcoholism, public intoxication, and boorishness, but the would-be fratboys are considerably older than the traditional age of initiation, seeming to range from their mid-twenties on up to those depicted in your first photo.


the ultimate TFM is when you realize that you payed for friendship

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