USA Pro Challenge = traffic challenges: Road closures from Aspen to Denver
Maps and more below.
The USA Pro Challenge is returning to Colorado, with bicycles, and the athletes on them, ruling a significant portion of the state's roadways from August 19-25.

What will that mean for motorists who may be more interested in getting from point A to point B than in watching the contest? The Colorado Department of Transportation has just released most (though not all) of the road closures and other traffic alterations from Aspen to Fort Collins. Look below to see maps and details courtesy of CDOT. Ride on!

Stage 1, August 19: Aspen/Snowmass
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Continue for road closure info and more related to the upcoming USA Pro Challenge.

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Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

CDOT, if you happen to read this, how come we can't get road closures like this to have vehicle races? Let's be fair here.


Ironically, the biggest nuisance this event creates in Denver is not to automobiles, who can easily circumvent the route via major thoroughfares and interstates, but to commuting cyclists.  It was borderline hilarious trying to ride just a few blocks South to 14th Ave last year.

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