Von Miller's drug test controversy marked by "extenuating circumstances"?

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Von Miller.
Denver blog posts are getting their second wind.

Mile High Report's Scotty Payne parses reports that extenuating circumstances could be at play in what's been reported as a failed Von Miller drug test.

Colorado Peak Politics thinks a fix is behind the New York Times' support for embattled state senator John Morse.

Denver Egotist hits the road with Range Rover on Pikes Peak.


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Since when is 'Roger' or the NFL above a state's law ???
One of the few 'benefits' of living in Colorado is the 'DE-criminalization'/Regulation of Marijuana !!!
Hate marijuana BUT do make sure ALL NFL stadiums have alcohol advertisements EVERYWHERE IN SIGHT !!!!!!
Misinformed HYPOCRITES !!!

fishingblues topcommenter

Hell Michael, and you already had him convicted.  

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