Photos: Weird and/or offensive vintage fireworks

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Big photos below.
The 4th of July is behind us, but not fireworks. We'll likely be hearing explosions throughout the weekend -- even in places that have prohibited fireworks due to the high fire danger. Such bans were rare back in the day, even though a lot of the fireworks made during the first half of the 20th Century look dangerous as hell. As proof, check out the following gallery of fireworks catalog items from a collection assembled at Some of them are odd, others are bizarre and the top pick is so flat-out offensive that our jaw is still on the floor. Check them out below.

Number 10: Wild elephant
Talk about an endangered species.


Number 9: Auto joke bomb
Always a favorite with members of the Mafia.
Continue to keep counting down our gallery of weird and/or offensive vintage fireworks.

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Hope Weiss
Hope Weiss

If it's so flat out offensive that your jaws are on the floor, why even post it.

CloudGang topcommenter

@Hope Weiss Glad you can choose for me.

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