Photos: Our six favorite bears v. humans stories

Photos, video below.
Bears, bears everywhere. Just days after a bear walked into a bar in Estes Park, one with an appetite was caught on surveillance footage trying to spirit away a dumpster from a Colorado Springs restaurant.

The video, shared below, inspired us to collect our six favorite bears v. humans stories, all from the last few years. Neither bears nor people were hurt in the making of these tales (although one, captured near the CU-Boulder campus, met with a sad fate shortly thereafter). Check them out below.

Number 6: August 8, 2009

"An Aspen fur store employee said a small bear wandered into the shop, browsed through the aisles and then left without hurting anyone.

"Mark Goodman said the bear walked through the open doorway of Mark Richards Fine Outerwear, at 427 East Cooper Ave., Saturday night.

"Goodman said an unidentified man followed the bear around, taking pictures despite Goodman's pleas for him to leave." -- 7News, August 11, 2009

Number 5: August 23, 2009

"A bear chomped on the steering wheel of Jeff Leistad's car in East Vail, Colorado Sunday night.

"It defecated on his passenger seat.

"And it deployed the air bags.

"'It was literally like out of the movies,' Leistad said. 'My whole interior is totaled.'" -- Vail Daily, August 24, 2009

Continue for more of our six favorite bears v. humans stories.

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Add this to "best of recent bear lore"

Also, everyone knows that bear didn't fall out of the tree in Boulder.  It was a ninja bear, like a kung-fu panda, but different.  It was roundhouse kicking Boulder PD.  That's why they had to shoot it.  And ever stop to think why Boulder PD shot that elk a few months ago?  Biggest media coverup these days--the "man" doesn't want us to know about the secret wildlife martial arts societies in the foothills.  Squirrels are cute but don't trust them, folks...especially in Boulder.

Niki Chartier
Niki Chartier

Oops. On the news last night they said the restaurant moved the dumpster around the corner & were surprised the bear found it & dragged it off again. Bears aren't that stupid...if they found it once moving it 20ft isn't going to stop it's nose from finding it again. Silly bear. Try something else.

Ryan Conway
Ryan Conway

Westword, the majority of the bears pictured in this story are grizzly bears, of which we have none in Colorado. We have black bears, and even brown phase black bears, but we do not have any grizzlies.

fishingblues topcommenter

@Ryan Conway   Good eye Ryan.  We (the readers) try to keep WW honest, but I'm not so sure they listen.  

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