Benjamin Stribling, serial sex offender, allegedly posed as sexology student to thirteen year old

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Reports that Benjamin Stribling tried to lure a thirteen year old over the Internet by claiming to be a sexology student are shocking enough.

But they become even more disturbing when coupled with the previous offenses of this registered sex offender -- at least three previous examples over the past decade.

More on his past crimes and details about the latest accusation below.

The first local reference we found to Stribling turned up in a Colorado Springs Gazette article published in 2005. It was prompted by his arrest on suspicion of trying to blackmail a woman into sex by threatening to put explicit pics of her online.

An early Stribling mug shot.
Colorado Springs police said Stribling had been in contact with the woman for several months via Yahoo instant messaging, and over time got her to divulge some confidential information -- specifically her birth date, ZIP code and user name. He then hacked into her e-mail account and found sexually oriented photos of her -- at which point he told her he'd post them online if she refused to have sex with him.

Instead, she wisely went to the authorities.

Upon busting Stribling, cops found other problematic information on his phone -- what's described as dozens of phone numbers connecting to Colorado Springs girls under age eighteen, including the digits of one sixteen year old whose claims against Stribling were already part of an investigation by the Internet Crimes Against Children unit.

Oh yeah: The Gazette also noted that Stribling had been convicted two years earlier, in 2003, of sexual assault. He'd received a sentence of 24 months probation and 120 days in a work-release program, but hadn't been listed as a sex offender because the crime was deemed a misdemeanor.

Cut to the 2008 page of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force website. In May of that year, the listing reveals that Stribling -- by then, he was registered -- was busted in a joint investigation with authorities in Washington state. There, a task force had obtained a warrant against him for sexual exploitation of a minor, attempted possession of child pornography and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Another Stribling booking photo.
Stribling appealed the guilty finding in this case, but a court upheld his conviction; we've included the 2011 judgment against him below. Now, however, he's got more legal troubles.

On June 29, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, a parent contacted deputies regarding concern about her thirteen-year-old daughter and a man who was attempting "to establish a sexual relationship with her" on Facebook. So the office's Internet Crimes Against Children investigators set up a sting operation, with one of them posing as a young teen in communication with Stribling. Before long, she agreed to an August 2 meeting in Centennial -- a rendezvous point at which he had allegedly said he'd pick up the girl and then take her to a different location for sex.

But instead of coitus, he got fitted with a set of handcuffs, not to mention an arrest on suspicion of Internet child luring and a parole violation.

By the way, 7News reports that Stribling's strategy this time around was to pose as a sexology student who needed to have sex with virgins to further his research.

If he's also interested in studying jail, he's in luck, since a $50,000 has been placed on him.

Look below to see a larger version of Stribling's latest mug shot, followed by the aforementioned 2011 document.

Benjamin Stribling.
Continue for the judgment in Benjamin Stribling's appeal of a previous sex crime conviction.

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BackOffImStarving topcommenter

I'm glad they got the douchebag, but I'm really wondering why a 13 year old had "sexually oriented photos" of herself to begin with.  Shitty parenting, it would seem.

Michael P Lee
Michael P Lee

He'll get plenty of sex from the boys in the big house. Willing or unwilling.

Dana Trujillo
Dana Trujillo

They need to lock this sicko up and toss the key!!

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

Isn't it about time we stopped just slapping their wrist? Just sayin'.

Carla J. Turner
Carla J. Turner

Now this is someone who could've used a Circle of Support & Accountability......

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

Nevermind.  Past offense.  Reading the entire story helps.  Derp.

jenna-furrr topcommenter

@Carla J. Turner How about a circle of people beating this guy to a pulp? I'd volunteer for that.

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