Photos: Top twenty domestic destinations from Denver International Airport

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Big photos below.
We've all experienced rushes at Denver International Airport -- but where are all those people heading?

The folks at DIA have broken down the numbers to reveal the top twenty domestic destinations, complete annual and daily passenger data and average fares. We assembled all the info below, then photo-illustrated it with futuristic screen captures from a new DIA animation showing the upcoming Westin hotel and RTD train platform that are part of the South Terminal Redevelopment Project. Check all of it out below.

Number 20: St Louis
Annual passengers: 373,390

Average passengers daily each way: 510

Average fare (one way): $126

Number 19: Philadelphia
Annual passengers: 407-035

Average passengers daily each way: 556

Average fare (one way): $178

Continue to keep counting down the top twenty domestic destinations from Denver International Airport.

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This is possibly the worst "article" I've ever read on Westword.  A "top 20" list that generates clicks for every entry and just to add insult to injury, the pictures for each "destination" are terrible.  What kind of rag is Westword turning into?

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