Photos: Denver Cruisers are animals!

Big photos below.
Our gallery of the latest Denver Cruisers ride, dubbed "County Fair," joins a slew of others this summer: Dress Night, Tourist Night, Where the Bleep is Waldo?, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Bible Belts and Panties, Thrift Shop Fashion Show, Glow and, most recently, Halloween in July. And while some riders used the theme as an excuse to wear overalls, plenty of others let their inner animals out. We've focused on the latter in this collection of shots from photog Jim Wilis. Check them out below, and click to view the complete County Fair slide show.

Photo by Jim Wills

Photo by Jim Wills

Photo by Jim Wills

Photo by Jim Wills
Continue for more from the Denver Cruisers County Fair ride.

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Nick Najdowski
Nick Najdowski

Mooo!!! What a heifer! Despite the body mass the teats aren't that ample.

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