Videos: What the hail? See the pounding storms gave much (but not all) of Denver metro

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Videos below.
Had I taken my dog for a long walk in a Jeffco open-space area a few minutes later than I did yesterday afternoon, both of us would have been knocked unconscious -- because a brief but brutal storm hurled enough sizable hail to create hefty piles. There was post-torrent flooding in some of Denver metro, too -- but for those in Boulder at the time (including much of my family), the weather change was a big meh. To clue in folks who didn't experience it, and amaze again anyone who did, we've assembled a slew of videos depicting the craziness. Check them out below.

Continue for more videos of the August 22 hail storm.

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Sheryl Muir
Sheryl Muir

no hail at our place near I-225 and Hampden


This article should be retitled: collection of women and children screaming videos

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