"Gun control playbook:" Did it help shape Colorado's new laws?

Gun enthusiasts have long accused Colorado's Democratic leadership of "following the script" established by major gun-control advocacy groups, such as Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), in their campaign to pass legislation expanding background checks and limiting magazine capacity -- two measures that now have state senators John Morse and Angela Giron battling recall efforts. As it turns out, that may not be just rhetoric: A playbook for gun control strategists does exist, and it seems to have some bearing on the state's gun-rights battles.

An eighty-page guide called Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging, produced last year by D.C.-based political consultants who count MAIG among their clients, has been causing a stir among gun-rights groups since it surfaced in open-record inquiries about a gun buyback program in Washington state recently.

Like many strategy papers churned out on all sides of the gun debate, the document pushes various talking points for building public support for the cause. But it may be more candid than most in its discussion of how to tailor and spin the message to particular audiences, and how to use emotion rather than facts to bridge the "intensity gap" in arguments over gun violence.
Graphics from the playbook.
Among the guide's helpful hints: DON'T use the term "gun control." DO talk about "preventing gun violence." DON'T advocate "stricter" gun laws; "stronger" gun laws plays better. DON'T refer to the National Rifle Association as an extremist organization unless you're talking to your "base," meaning a group of fellow gun-violence-prevention crusaders. Research shows that the general public regards the NRA as a "relatively benign" mainstream group, so broader audiences require a change in tune -- demonize the NRA leadership, but don't alienate the rank and file. ("We should avoid lumping NRA lobbyists and the members of the NRA into the same category.")

Keep in mind that men are "much more motivated by protecting people from 'gun crime' than preventing 'gun violence.' Women are motivated by both." When addressing minority groups, "it is more likely than not you are talking to someone who has personal experience with gun violence."

And, of course, it helps to refer to "Stand Your Ground" laws as "Shoot First" and "Kill at Will" laws that "provide cover for gun-toting vigilantes."

Continue for more about the so-called gun-control playbook, including the entire document.

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Doesn't matter. Their asses are out sooner, rather than later. They capitalized on emotion while criticizing rights advocates for standing by their rights. They'll probably put the Democrat party behind the eight-ball for a while in this state, as they probably should be for pushing this ridiculous unenforcible mess.


Emotional manipulation and lies, the corner stone of any good propaganda campaign. Reminds me of reefer madness, if you use 30 round magazines, you'll go crazy and kill people, just like if you smoked a joint.


Thank you for a factual and fair minded examination of this subject. Gun control is a complex issue which requires some understanding of the facts and that is exactly what the gun control advocates do not want because they know the facts are not in their favor. Surveys show that most people think gun deaths are on the rise when in fact they have been in steady decline even as gun ownership has been on the rise. Last year showed the fewest gun deaths since 1985 while there are at least twice as many privately owned firearms as in 1985, probably twice as many just since Obama took office. It's easy to sell gun control to the ignorant because the devil is in the details which can't be explained in a 10 second sound bite. Some claim that 90% of the public favor universal background checks but 90% of Colorado sheriffs have said the background check bill is unworkable. When 90% of the people charged with enforcing a law say it can't be enforced one might think the legislators would listen but the Democrats were only hearing the Bloomberg/Obama cartel and paid no attention whatever to the hundreds of their constituents who testified against those bills they are so proud of having passed.

Then there is the "magazine ban" which doesn't ban magazines. It only bans the "transfer" of high capacity magazines, any magazines owned before July first 2013 are still legal but there is no possible way to know when a magazine was acquired. If I say I've owned this for 20 years you cannot prove otherwise. So that is just a silly "flypaper law" which can only catch those who blunder into it by mistake of freely admitting they acquired a magazine after it became illegal.

  These are just a few details of which the majority of the public are ignorant and which the gun control cartel tries to conceal because they know ignorance is their best friend.


@coyotejoe Can you purchase a magazine of greater than 15 rounds in capacity after July 1st anywhere in Colorado?  No.  There is indeed a ban.

Yes you may continue own them if you purchased them before July 1st.  Don't diminish the fact that Coloradans are forbidden to purchase these products now.

I do agree with everything else you say on the matter but never let anyone forget, the current regime unconstitutionally forbade Coloradans to purchase an object.

 What's next?  Driver's licenses for illegals?  Education assistance for illegals?  Oh wait, we did that already...

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@netziggy1 @coyotejoe What's an "illegal," and why do you like some freedoms and hate others? To be clear, I support both your right to travel freely in and between "free" countries and your right to defend yourself.


@netziggy1 @coyotejoe 

I understand your point, you will not find hi-cap mags on display in any retail outlet but actually YES you can buy a magazine from anyone who is willing to sell one and so long as neither buyer nor seller admits to the illegal sale there is no possible way to enforce the law. It is a feel-good-do-noting law and a fly paper law as I stated because it can only catch those who unwittingly confess to the violation.

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