Marijuana Policy Project's eight worst state legislators -- with a Coloradan at number one

Mason Tvert.
The Marijuana Policy Project has released its list of the country's eight worst state legislators -- officials who espoused what MPP communications director Mason Tvert calls "outrageous anti-marijuana" policies.

Given that Tvert, one of the main proponents of Amendment 64, is based here, it's not surprise that a Colorado politician -- one already under fire from other quarters -- tops the list. Count down MPP's top eight below, with each pick supplemented by a video that often (although not always) deals with marijuana.

YouTube clip description: "NH State Rep. John Cebrowski (R-Bedford) on the finer points of marriage and sandwiches." -- 2009

YouTube clip description: "Medical Marijuana bill introduced by Iowa Senators Joe Bolkom (D) & Jack Hatch (D) 2/24/11.

"Iowa's own 'DaGanja Gumshoe' Clel Baudler makes a cameo at the end,as usual, of course only speaks thru the media after. SCOWL BABY !!!!" -- February 2011

Continue to keep counting down the Marijuana Policy Project's eight worst state legislators.

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Che Harness
Che Harness

What do you mean by this Mason? "Despite these legislators' efforts to hold back progress, most Americans now agree that marijuana prohibition has failed and that it is time to adopt a more sensible approach" The approach has always been to treat users like criminals and inferior people that need help. There's no law that can make that approach more sensible.


Finally, some common ground for gun and weed owners. Both hate Morse. Why does it take hate to bring the two together? Both want the same thing, to use, possess, buy and sell something others object to. I would think both would have sympathy for each other, but typically, they don't. I guess freedom and liberty isn't what people care about, they only care about things, and protecting the things they like. If people weren't so selfish, and showed some respect, the world would be a much better place. Hate might bring us together sometimes, but not for long.


@Che Harness You make no sense. 

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Monkey It is an unusual coalition. Thanks for the post, Monkey.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@michael.roberts @Monkey It SHOULDN'T be unusual. It should be natural for Americans, for the reason Monkey eluded to. Getting your rights and privileges (because there will always be arguments about which is which) requires respecting those of others. That used to be recognized as fundamental in this nation (and no, for a regrettably long time, the Blacks and Indians weren't invited into the club--to say the least.)


@michael.roberts @Monkey Nat as unusual as you might think. Didn't you know all us gun owners are potheads? The conflict between the Colorado pot laws and Colorado gun laws will need to be decided by the Supreme Court. There is a big hole in the law right now, the gun docs all say I can't use pot, but all I have to say is I wasn't a user when I signed the background check or the CCW application.

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