Denver police Reddit "Ask Me Anything" on marijuana highlights

Big photos below.
As we've reported, Denver Police chief of staff Lieutenant Matt Murray felt the department's initial Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session went so well that another AMA was scheduled to deal with what was arguably the first one's most popular topic: pot.

The conversation happened yesterday, and it was definitely free-wheeling, veering from subjects like cartels and the war on drugs to restaurant advice and the whereabouts of a certain pot smoker named Kevin. Check out photo-illustrated highlights below.

AMA question: The marijuana business has a lot of involvement from organized crime, particularly Mexican and Central American drug cartels and gangs. How do you see their involvement changing with the new legal climate?

Also, what steps will you take to protect businesses trying to run ethically from being preyed upon by these criminal gangs?

DPD: Absolutely. It is tough to say what will happen. Some believe cartels will use Colorado to distribute their products from a "legal" state. Others believe it will put the cartels out of business. We will certainly watch and adjust.

AMA question: As to the second part of my question, can you describe what outreach you will do to protect businesses trying to run legitimately from being victims of these gangs through protection and extortion rackets?

DPD: We will offer the same protection as any other business. We have investigated numerous burglaries at Medical Marijuana dispensaries -- just as any other business.

Of course, people HAVE to report for us to investigate.


AMA question: Will there be warnings issued, as opposed to arrests? I'm guessing educating the public about new laws, etc would be better public relations than throwing someone in jail....

DPD: Officers have discretion in most areas of the law. We can cite or warn in a traffic situation, and the officers have the same discretion here. It really depends on the situation.

Flickr Creative Commons/Gigi Galiazzo
AMA question: Have you arrested my brother Kevin? I know he smoked a lot of weed in the past and I haven't seen him in awhile. Is there a guy named Kevin in one of your jails?

DPD: Here is the number for the Sheriff Dept (prisoner info). (720) 913-3600.

Continue for more highlights of the Denver police Reddit "Ask Me Anything" about marijuana.

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kplo moderator communitymanager

Any update on Kevin?


The DPD keep claiming they don't have a dog in this fight, yet every time I turn around they are out lobbying for more money for 'enforcement', new 'drug fighting' equipment, and the ability to FORCIBLY draw blood from people's veins while chained to a bed as if they were in Guantanamo Bay just so they can find that slight trace of THC in someone's veins.....I thought the point of regulating marijuana was to free up police man hours to fight REAL crime...Instead, it appears the DPD has no intentions of changing their corrupt act any time soon....

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

If law enforcement were serious about safety, they'd stop using bogus and ineffective methods of determining whether someone is impaired, and go after technical solutions, such as applications which measure response time and cognitive ability. I'm not sure how many there are out there, but one is called CheckPlusBalance, a free app for iOS.

I'm sure if they really wanted to, law enforcement could partner with industry to create an unbiased, scientific testing tool, which would allow all people to be treated equally, regardless of what the cause of impairment may be, whereas the current environment is unfair to alcohol consumers, and particularly pot consumers.

An added bonus for this type of approach is that the same company which sells testing units to law enforcement would be able to offer them to patients and partiers, who could then use technology to help them act responsibly. Knowledge of your condition is a basic requirement to being a responsible driver.

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