Marijuana: Chris Christie okays MMJ for New Jersey kids, but cites Colorado concerns

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn't the most progressive official when it comes to marijuana policy -- and as we've noted, he's previously cited Colorado as a negative example of state pot laws.

Now, however, Christie has come out in favor of allowing sick kids access to medical marijuana. But in explaining safety measures he endorses, he again mentions dangers he associates with Colorado.

A CBS News report about Christie's actions shares much in common with a featured family in the recent CNN documentary WEED, in which Dr. Sanjay Gupta came out in favor of using marijuana for medical purposes.

Jennie Stormes.
The CNN program featured Colorado's Paige Figi, whose young daughter Charlotte suffers from Dravet Syndrome, an uncommon, and serious, form of epilepsy -- and she's made remarkable progress via therapy involving cannabis oil. (The lack of THC in the oil means it doesn't have a psychoactive effect.) Likewise, the CBS piece spotlights New Jersey mom Jennie Stormes, whose son Jack also suffers from Dravet Syndrome -- and he has experienced more relief from cannabis oil than any of the approximately fifty other drugs prescribed to him.

Jack Stormes.
Like Gupta, Christie seems to have been won over by stories like Jack's -- at least to the degree that he's in favor of letting families and their physicians choose medical marijuana to treat their kids. In a letter featuring his recommendations for reconsideration of the "New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act," seen below in its entirety, he writes:
Qualified minors should be allowed access to products in appropriate edible forms to ensure that children can receive treatments consistent with their age and medical needs, as well as the individual preferences of their guardians. As I have repeatedly noted, I believe that parents, and not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children. While many will disagree with the decision to allow minors access to marijuana, even for serious illnesses, parents should remain empowered to make a choice based on their own reflections, study, and physician consultation.
Later in the note, Christie maintains that requiring a pediatrician and a psychiatrist to approve of a minor's MMJ use, with at least one needing to be registered with the state's program, is an important safeguard -- something he stresses via the following Colorado reference:
This approach is endorsed by the New Jersey chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which advises that children are at particular risk from the use of marijuana because their reactions to medications often differ from adults. Notably, at least one recent study has indicated a rise in emergency hospitalizations in Colorado for accidental marijuana ingestion in children.
The study in question?

Continue for more about New Jersey kids and medical marijuana, including a video and a document.

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Looks like he's had the munchies more than once...

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Christie is so interested in interfering with family health would he feel if someone forced his parents to put him on a 1000-calorie diet when he was a kid?

Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien about free donuts with any MMJ purchase Mr. Christie?


Isn't this fat fuck a walking poster boy for the 'dangers' of obesity?....Maybe he should focus on something that actually harms society instead of one that heals....Obesity kills thousands of people per year....Marijuana kills zero....His statements are lies....And his fat ass is hypocritically ignorant....At best.....


at least one recent study has indicated a rise in emergency hospitalizations in Colorado for accidental marijuana ingestion in children."  Wait, you can't overdose on medican marijuana.  They left out all the kids that have been killed and seriously injured to to accidentally ingesting pharmaceuticals. 


@laxx1559 It's only the latest bit of propaganda the prohibitionist crybabies are spamming.  What they won't show you is a comparison of how many kids have been hospitalized (and how many have DIED) from ingesting various ALL OTHER common household chemicals/medicines/items.

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