Medical marijuana dispensary review: People's Choice Wellness Center in Boulder

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I could tell the XXX Diesel was some powerful, stinky stuff just by the frosted, ripe green buds filling the stock jar on the countertop. Popping the jar solidified my choice to bring it home, thanks to a ripe, earthy base and lemony-citrus sour tartness that makes my mouth water. Very potent, with a quick blast of THC up front that mellows out into a very well-rounded buzz. Too much left me really soaring for a few minutes, so I opted for small, fresh one-hits out of the bubbler most of the time. I like this strain for getting my appetite up on a Saturday afternoon when I don't have much else to do and can enjoy the ride, but it also worked well in small amounts for a pre-meal boost.

XXX Diesel from People's Choice Wellness Center.
The White was another phenomenal example of cannabis, with thick, round buds crawling with chunky silver trichome crystals coating the calyxes and crispy sugar leaves left behind. Well cured, well dried and well grown, this was a treat to smoke, and I enjoyed every last little nausea-killing bud. Another high-potency strain, the White is a much more mellow choice of a hybrid than the XXX Diesel. Whereas the XXX was energetic and borderline racy, the White was perfect for putting the cap on a rough day and not bad at soothing muscle aches and cramps, either. This was the type of bowl you packed, hit, then realized a half-hour later that you still had half a green bowl left un-smoked in the pipe. I think the drive to People's Choice (whichever location you manage to get to) is worth it for this strain alone.

I completely overlooked the mustard-yellow butane hash the center stocked in favor of the icewater hash. On first glance, it looked like dark, oxidized warehouse-quality hash. But cracking the lid open on one of the tiny jars in the shop let out the most wonderful, strain-distinct smell, and instead of being hard, black rocks, the hash crumbled when touched. At home, it melted down like a crayon on top of the bowl when hit with a flame and burned down perfectly smooth, overwhelming the pipe with flavor. This is perfectly done bubble hash with no frills. It's not shaved down with a food microplaner, it's not crumbled into bits and pieces in a colander; it's just well-made bubble hash. Add to it the $15-a-gram price and I would go back for hash from People's Choice any day of the week.

White Grape bubble hash from People's Choice Wellness.
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The Peaceful Choice

7464 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO

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