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All right now. Won't you listen? Or read, as the case may be? Black Sabbath may be one of my earliest musical obsessions -- something that had a lot to do with the theatrics of Ozzy Osbourne and his slaying guitarists. The most memorable to me is Tony Iommi. Specifically, his cough at the beginning of what is easily my favorite Sabbath song: "Sweet Leaf."

So I was instantly a fan of this shop. But it was actually another musical encounter that brought me through its doors.

Sweet Leaf

5100 W. 38th Ave Denver, CO
Denver, CO, 80212

Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.
Raw marijuana price range: $10/gram $30/eighth-ounce, $200/ounce. Members receive daily discounts as well as daily specials for $150 and $125 ounces.
Other types of medicine: Shatter, wax, icewater hash
Online menu? Yes.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

A grower friend who knows his cannabis casually told me about Sweet Leaf between hits of herb at a concert recently. When you're used to growing your own herb and not paying for it, finding a place to get a cheap ounce between harvests can be a tricky ordeal. You've obviously got your preferences as to how things are supposed to be grown and what types of strains you like. Sweet Leaf was his go-to spot for $125 ounces that are "good -- not amazing, but dependable" when he needs to re-up or just get some variety on his coffee table.

I probably have driven past the shop at 38th and Sheridan a dozen times in the last year, but the jewelry shop next door, Joyeria El Ruby, is what catches my eye every time, thanks to its diamond-shaped awning and 1980s McDonald's paint scheme. Comparatively, the stucco-beige and earthy-red Sweet Leaf next door looks tame and normal. Parking for Sweet Leaf is behind the tiny home-turned-dispensary, in a lot shared with the gold shop.

A front mud room of the little one-story building has been sectioned off with a tiny glass window that peers into the receptionist area on the other side of the security wall and door. I stood around for a second or two before the window opened and a woman's voice called out to me for my red card and ID. The shop usually takes credit cards, but there's no ATM if you've forgotten your cash. After filling out paperwork, I was let through the security door by a tall, twenty-something woman with curly blond hair who handed me off to my budtender, another gal in her twenties, who instantly gave me the first-timer, two-second tour.

The setup is simple: Bud is kept in square jars viewable through the glass front of the wooden bud bar, which takes up pretty much the entire southern side of the room. There wasn't much decoration from what I remember, just some update remnants of the old built-in cabinets and mantels from when the place used to be a home. What probably held a china set now is home to a huge flat-screen airing shots from every single security camera at Sweet Leaf.

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Sweet Leaf Marijuana

5100 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO

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