Meth ring roundup: See photos of those busted in Operation Bad Nickname

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Big photos below.
White Trash. Stacker. Kid Rock. These are just some of the monikers that inspired law enforcers trying to bust a northern Colorado meth ring to brand their efforts "Operation Bad Nickname."

The two-phase sweep is still seeking ten suspects at this writing, including White Trash and Stacker; their real names haven't been made public yet. But Kid Rock -- Colorado's version, anyhow -- is in custody, along with around twenty of his alleged cohorts in a scheme that's already included seizure of meth worth at least $250,000. Photos and details below.

According to Longmont Police Commander Jeff Satur, the operation got underway "about six months ago, and we were on wire taps for about two months. To build a case to the point where you can get a wire tap, which is one of the most intrusive warrants out there, the courts require you to do a lot of things and eliminate a lot of other options before you can go that way. And once we did, we were able to listen to the phone calls and run out on the deals."

The investigation established the ring's leaders as Michael Kaiser (he's Kid Rock), Geraldine Vodicka (aka "Dom," Kaiser's wife), Ray Nieto, Richard Mora, Josue Aurelia-Castaneda and Terry "Bridge" Romero. This group was targeted in busts earlier this month, and Romero definitely didn't go quietly.

Photo by Max Cannalte as shared by 9News
The aftermath of Romero's crash.
As noted by the Longmont Times-Call, Romero rabbited in a rented 2014 Mustang, only to eventually crash into a PT Cruiser in Aurora. Afterward, police searching the car reportedly found, a gun, a hypodermic, some heroin and a bag o' meth.

Plenty of other goodies were seized as well, as seen in the following photo:

"They were doing a lot of big meth deals," Satur allows. "They were doing one-pound deals, two-pound deals, three-pound deals. At one stop we did, we recovered almost three-and-a-half pounds of meth, which would go for somewhere in the $250,000 range, depending on how it's cut. A lot of people who sell also use, so they take their share, cut it with something to keep the weight the same, and then sell it to somebody else."

Yesterday, the Longmont police, assisted in the operation by a slew of other agencies, including the Larimer County Crime Impact Unit and the DEA, zeroed in on what are considered to be lower-level members of the ring -- among them "people who would buy the meth, then sell it around town," Satur says.

The bonds placed on individuals reflect the seriousness of the accusations against them. Romero and Kaiser are being held on $1,000,000 bonds, while those for Nieto, Vodicka, Mora and Aurelia-Castaneda were set at half that. In contrast, many of the people arrested yesterday were charged with simple possession, resulting in bonds of $2,500 or thereabouts.

With ten more people still wanted, Operation Bad Nickname isn't over yet. But already, Satur says, "this has been one of the largest cases we've ever investigated. The amount of meth we know they were moving in this area was substantial."

Here's a look at mug shots starring the majority of folks taken into custody thus far.

Greta Akin.

Arian Campbell.

Brice "Deuce" Korte.
Continue for more photos of arrestees from Operation Bad Nickname.

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Jesus, what a bunch of lookers glad to see this scum off the street


So much more costly and dangerous to the public than all those upstanding citizens who stumble off of their bar stools and drive "safely".

OK, snark switched off.

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

Meth: For use when you're just not stupid enough.

Jay Norris
Jay Norris

Because publicly shaming people with addiction worked out so well... you know, in the middle ages and 1600s and all. Yeah. That'll teach 'em! ... Stay classy Colorado.

Maat Human
Maat Human

stop doing meth.. idiots.. you look like a fucking retard...

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

One really must wonder what entices people to use a drug that erodes their mind permanently, gives them the appearance of a zombie character in a cheap movie, and essentially ensures a lifetime of beggary, filth, and disease. The buzz??? Really? If your craving a buzz, munch down an MMJ edible of the 1800-mg variety. You may see Jesus riding a bright orange alligator but you'll not ruin your life. If you've got to party, party smart.


What a horrible, horrible drug. All of these faces, even the dealers, were non users once. And a statistic that's rarely reported is the high incident of sexual abuse by meth users toward their kids, specifically because of what the drug does to your neurotransmitters...

Tim Stark
Tim Stark

Whew... Meth makes you look crazy and ugly. No thanks!

Aaron LeForce
Aaron LeForce

good to see cops are out there busting real drug rings rather marijuana grows.

Jenny Castaneda
Jenny Castaneda

Glad I don't know these idiots.. I would have tagged them on facebook LMAO!

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