Reader: Students who want to attend a party school should save money and pitch a tent

Yesterday, we shared the Princeton Review's latest analysis of top party schools (Colorado institutions missed the cut) and the highest scoring reefer madness colleges (CU-Boulder slipped from first to second). All of which inspired one of our readers to wonder what kind of students are basing their enrollment on these kinds of standards anyhow....

Half Aspen writes:

I was under the impression that attending a university was to receive an education and improve one's station in life. If partying is at the top of your list might I suggest saving the tens of thousands of dollars and pitch a tent on a California beach. Oh, and when you're done with "partying," don't forget your name tag and paper hat when you go to work serving those fries.

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Don White
Don White

No, I went to the University of Wyoming, world-famous for it's academics.

Travis Santoro
Travis Santoro

I have known parents to not send their kids to a party schools and seeing the free flow of alcohol and the problems it causes I cannot blame them. I have also seen kids not be able to hack it and freshmen passed out on the sidewalk on move in day. Yeah Penn State - back in the charts! Were every crime has something to do with alcohol....

Aaron LeForce
Aaron LeForce

when you grow up in a small town/farming community in the midwest, and you dont even have internet...yes, the top party schools have your attention. that is one reason growing up in Oklahoma, CU was always of interest.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Travis Santoro Good points, Travis. Thanks.

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