Robert Dewey, wrongly convicted of murder, to receive $1.2 million compensation?

Big photos, video below.
In April 2012, we reported about Robert Dewey being cleared of rape and murder after spending sixteen years in jail. Shortly thereafter, an arrest warrant was written in the name of another man, Douglas Thames, thought to actually be responsible for the crime.

Now, two agencies are reportedly in the final stages of determining a compensation package for Dewey. Amount: just shy of $1.2 million.

Photos, video and details below.

As originally we reported last year, the details of the shocking case can be found in this trove of newspaper clips covering Dewey's arrest and conviction. They're from either the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, which broke the news of Dewey's exoneration, or the Denver Post.

jacie taylor screen capture jackie and dave taylor.jpg
A screen capture of a Daily Sentinel photo showing Dave and Jackie Taylor looking at a photo of their late daughter, Jacie.
Taylor died in her Palisade apartment in June 1994, As noted by the Post, her body was found in a half-filled bathtub, naked from the waist down. She had been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled with what the Sentinel described in 2012 as a nylon dog leash, but which was initially dubbed a dog collar by the paper back in 1996, when Dewey's month-long trial took place.

As this passage of time suggests, Dewey wasn't immediately arrested for the crime. Indeed, the Sentinel reports that the official charge didn't come until April 1995, five days after he was released from jail after serving a sentence for an unrelated weapons charge.

In his opening statement, Deputy District Attorney Rich Tuttle noted that Dewey, nicknamed "Rider," had been staying with the family of Cynthia "Sam" Mallow, Taylor's roommate, in a residence near the apartment. He added that the Mallow clan recalled him being visibly nervous on the night of the murders and saying, "They'll be coming for me" as he looked in the direction of Jacie's place. Tuttle argued that Dewey had provided investigators with false information and given bogus information about a wound on his arm that prosecutors believed had been inflicted during the slaying.

The Mallows also provided a work shirt of Dewey's stained with what one lab concluded was a mixture of his and Taylor's blood.

Continue for more about the Robert Dewey case and compensation for wrongful conviction, including photos, video and an original document.

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Ask yourself how much money would you accept to trade for 16 years in prison, loss of your reputation, your job, friends , family et al.

16 million? even that would not be enough.  

Richard Mccormick
Richard Mccormick

if your rich in this country you get off. our justice system is fucked up!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Which one of the lowlife prosecutors and cops would spend the next 16 years of their life in prison for $1.2 million?

Put THEM in Prison for the next 16 years and find out!

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

I can not fathom the degree of anger that would exist knowing you're wrongly imprisoned. No, it's not enough. Not by a long shot.

Pam Stiffler
Pam Stiffler

No amount of money will EVER compensate him for this injustice. He's an incredibly strong man to have not given up

Adrian Laine
Adrian Laine

Maybe $1.7 mil PER YEAR of incarceration. What a joke.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Half Aspen ... there are THOUSANDS more wrongfully convicted languishing in U$ Prisons due to the corruption and malfeasance of the JustUs System and a cowardly disconnected populace that CONTINUALLY begs the Government for MORE LAWS to be used against citizens, and obscenely harsh sentencing guidelines that make the Spanish Inquisition look compassionate by comparison.

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