Sarah Vladic and Rodney Mendoza attacked by bat-wielding gang on wedding night

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Big photos and more below.
The most recent item on Sarah Vladic's Facebook page features a large heart and the announcement "Got Married."

The announcement was posted on Monday, even though the wedding was on Friday -- and unfortunately, the delay probably wasn't for the usual happy reasons. After returning from the ceremony, Vladic and her new husband say they were attacked by a gang wielding baseball bats. Photos and the crazy details below.

A photo of Sarah with Rodney from her Facebook page.
The story, as originally reported by the Greeley Tribune and also covered by 9News, goes something like this:

The couple said "I do" on Friday in Greeley, then commenced to celebrating. They returned to their home around 2:30 a.m. Saturday in their wedding limousine to find someone waiting for them.

Make that a lot of someones.

Another photo of Sarah with Rodney from her Facebook page.
According to Vladic, a group throwing beer bottles and waving bats "came up to us running, saying, 'This is so-and-so gang.' I don't know exactly what gang. And then they just started throwing beer bottles."

Sarah and Rodney together again, from Facebook.
"They had, you know, baseball bats and crow bars and I didn't understand why," Mendoza told the station. "We were in our suits, for Christ's sake."

An unwanted physical exchange followed, and Vladic and Mendoza were both injured; she sprained her ankle and suffered a broken wrist, while he's got what's described by 9News as a "minor skull fracture."

The Greeley Police Department has made one arrest to date, but thus far isn't releasing any additional information about a group that definitely cast a shadow over what should have been a night of joy.

The 9News video appears to have a technical flaw, but you should at least be able to hear the audio. Here it is:

More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa August 2012: "Joel Nevarez wanted for siccing pit-bull mix on bride at her wedding."

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There has GOT to be more to this story.  I bet he knows them....


There has GOT to be more to this story.  I bet he knows them....

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