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Big photos below.
Shotgun Willie's, the iconic Glendale joint at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Virginia Avenue, is endeavoring to build a better strip club. As explained in this week's cover story, "Fantasy Island," the intersection where Shotgun Willie's sits is being widened to help with traffic flow to the nearby SuperTarget and, Glendale officials hope, a future riverwalk along Cherry Creek full of restaurants, shops and bars serving booze in to-go cups. As such, Shotgun Willie's plans to demolish its old building -- but not before it opens a new club right behind it.

Our sidebar, "Up and Away," explains the features of the new club, including oxygen booths for ridding customers' clothing of the smell of smoke, a VIP area with dinner tables that will serve as both a place to eat your steak and a spot for the entertainers to dance, and a room with a movie screen where customers can spend time with the dancers.

"It's a lot more common for a guest to come in and want to take a girl out of the stage rotation and just sit and spend time with her," says club manager Michele Poague. "So what are you going to do for an hour or two with this girl? It's loud; you can't really talk. You can do a couple table dances, but even that might get old after a while. So we thought we would offer them something else they could do."

There will also be a new covered entrance, a partially covered outdoor bar and patio, and a second story that will hold offices and an expanded locker room for the dancers.

Despite the bells and whistles, Poague promises that the new Shotgun Willie's will feel a lot like the current one, which will remain open during construction. "We're really trying not to change the feel of Shotgun's," she says. "We just want to add a couple of fun new things."

The new club is scheduled to open November 1.

See a rendering of the new building, as well as a floor plan, below. And for more details about the "fun new things" planned for Shotgun Willie's, read "Up and Away."

Courtesy Michele Poague
A rendering of the outside of the new Shotgun Willie's.

Courtesy Michele Poague
The floor plan of the new Shotgun Willie's.

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Susan Rogers
Susan Rogers

I just want to know if they are still going to have a limp gun as a logo - it always makes me laugh.

Shannon Fender
Shannon Fender

I mean, you can take the trash outta the strip club but you can't... wait, no, on second thought...

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Same tits, different package.

fishingblues topcommenter

My favorite was always Aloha Beach.  After it closed down, next best was always Shotguns.  Damn, I haven't been in a strip club since I was a young man.  


never been, drove pass it a lot

Michael Sabin
Michael Sabin

Its about time, I had kinda fallen away from SW....

Erik Brack
Erik Brack

You can't improve on perfection.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Susan Rogers If looks to us from the rendering that the limp gun will remain. Thanks for the post, Susan.

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