Photos: See SkyTran's proposed magnetic-pod monorail from Boulder to Longmont

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Big photos below.
Last week, we posted graphics and more about Hyperloop, a proposed high-tech transportation apparatus developed by Daryl Oster, an inventor in Louisville.

But while the first Hyperloop Mark I is being proposed for California, another system, a magnetic-pod monorail called SkyTran, is being pitched for these parts: It would connect Boulder and Longmont. Look below for details, including graphics, videos and specifics about an informational meeting Thursday about the concept.

As noted by the Boulder Daily Camera, the main booster of the project is SkyTran Colorado CEO R. Paul Williamson.

R. Paul Williamson with a mock-up SkyTran pod, in an image from his Facebook page.
According to Williamson, the initial Boulder-Longmont SkyTran would run approximately fifteen miles, from the RTD Park and Ride at Table Mesa Park to the Longmont Diagnoal. The monorail track would be built above ground, mainly along the Highway 36 median, with the three-person-capacity pods powered magnetically, with solar panels providing much of the electricity. As a result, SkyTran would allegedly save 90 percent of the power costs over more traditional transit approaches.

How fast will it go? Technically, Williamson says, the SkyTran pods should be able to travel at 150 miles per hour. But given the comparatively short hop from Boulder to Longmont, the local version will likely max out at sixty MPH, getting people from here to there in about fifteen minutes, the Camera estimates.

Williamson puts the cost for the whole she-bang at $250 million, which he portrays as a relative bargain. Expect him to explain how during an informational get-together at the Boulder Public Library, 1001 Arapahoe Avenue. The meeting takes place at 7 p.m. Thursday.

In the meantime, check out the following graphics, courtesy of SkyTran, followed by several videos about the concept.




Continue for more graphics, plus videos, spotlighting SkyTran.

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$15 to commute round trip?  The worst gas-guzzling SUV does considerably better.  At this price, it will flop.  I thought this was eco-friendly?  Why should I pay $7.50 per trip AND share with 2 other strangers?  Lay off the ammendment 64 rights SkyTran and get your head in the game.  Mass transit has to be affordable, or it doesn't work.  At a $250M 'bargain', you should be able to charge reasonable rates to ride.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

The socialists LOVE their choochoos--even when they can't move any more than a couple dozen people an hour. Naturally, they'll figure a way of making us ALL pay for their boondoggle.


Mass transit, two at a time? You might have to wait in line for 3 hours, but you can smoke a bowl in the pod after the wait..

Steven M Palmer
Steven M Palmer

Work the word "Green Energy" into its title and Barry Soetoro will throw you billions whether or not it works...

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

I don't always choose to use the latest technology to go somewhere really, really fast, but when I do, I choose to go to.... Longmont.

Kym Bloom
Kym Bloom

Cool idea -- but they really need to build something like this along the I-70 corridor up to the mountains, with a special spot for people to store skis.

Bree Miller
Bree Miller

any second now, Lady Gaga will pop out...

Lance Cayko
Lance Cayko

And not a single Juggalo will be allowed to ride...

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