Readers' choices for top ten speed traps in Denver metro

Number 6: Broadway at Belleview

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"Northbound Broadway at Belleview. There are cops sitting in the McDonald's parking lot at least once per week, often more. The speed limit is only 35, and there's a big down slope of a hill right before, so it's easy to end up speeding just while coasting. Ride your brakes! Unless you like getting tickets."

Number 5: Buchtel at Emerson

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"The bike cop on Buchtel & Emerson. As you're trying to speed up and mover over 3 lanes of traffic to get on to I25, he steps right in front of the vehicle almost causing 10 car pile up to waive the vehicle over to the left to pullover on Emerson. There's a small school nearby and the limit is 25mph. Just bad engineering all around there. Not sufficient space for the amount of traffic for people to maneuver safely. You have to pass Gran Turismo 4 to be successful."

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Elizabeth Amariles
Elizabeth Amariles

The Cherry Creek area is bad. University Blvd northbound between Exposition and Cherry Creek Dr. N Cops there all the time - Of course the van parked on Speer by the country club ever day but the cops will also stand on the corner of 1st and University and get you for going even a couple miles over.

Marti Babb
Marti Babb

and STOP TEXTING!! Driving is NOT an opportunity to multitask

Jónatas Roze
Jónatas Roze

Alameda is bad right near Steele Elementary. Of course, people should be very respectful of school zones, but the motorcycle cop who posts there (typically the same guy, and typically at S. Marion and Alameda), gives out tickets like candy: He has somebody pulled over every single time I drive past or go to that Starbucks for coffee in the morning. To make matters worse, he has a habit of driving on the sidewalk after ticketing people at Alameda and Downing back to his post. The Denver PD doesn't like being challenged on that:

Jeff Buske
Jeff Buske

end of month is the worst - gotta make those quotas (for safety, of course)

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@Mario Parker And be an accident risk for driving too slowly.

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