Von Miller suspension: How many wins will it cost the Broncos?

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Von Miller.
Denver blog posts also strive for victory.

Mile High Report's Jon Heath asks Broncos fans how many games they think the team will win now that Von Miller has been suspended for the first six weeks. Click to take the poll.

Denver Infill's Ryan Dravitz offers update number 1 about an apartment project at Speer and Washington.

Colorado Pols on playing chicken with Senator Vicki Marble.

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Dave Shuck
Dave Shuck

I hope it costs them the third game of the season.

Steve Holmberg
Steve Holmberg

Old, closed minded people who are stuck in a day long gone should not express their are just old and in the way. You're the man, Vonn!

D.j. Horton
D.j. Horton

Who cares? Only one of the first six games really matters and it is against the Raiders. We could beat them with six guys playing defense.

Joseph Beaton
Joseph Beaton

it will cost them a win or two. Preseason defense isn't what you find in regular season.

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