Billy Otto charged with killing teens who tried blackmailing him with unseemly video (8, 9)

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Big photos and more below.
Earlier this week, we told you about the shocking story of William "Billy" Otto, who allegedly killed two teenagers said to have been planning a blackmail plot that hinged on a video showing the Thornton man asking to perform oral sex on one of them; see our previous coverage below.

Moments ago, Otto was officially charged in the case -- news accompanied by a booking photo offering us our first look at him. Continue for more details and a larger version of the pic.

According to the 17th Judicial District DA's office, the charges against Otto are topped by two counts of first-degree murder in relation to the deaths of Gustavo "Danny" Espinosa-Gamboa and Jonathan Gonzalez. Their bodies were found buried in Sedgwick, in the northeast portion of the state, in the vicinity of Otto's family farm.

In addition, Otto faces five counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and one count of tampering with physical evidence.

Otto was formally advised of the accusations in Adams County Court this morning. He'll return there on August 20 for the setting of a date for a preliminary hearing. In the meantime, the DA's office is offering no further comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

Here's a larger look at Otto's mug shot, followed by our previous coverage.

William Otto.

Photos, videos below.
Original post, 10:43 a.m. August 13: We don't know everything about the arrest of Adams County's William "Billy" Otto in the deaths of two teenagers, Gustavo "Danny" Espinosa-Gamboa (seen here) and Jonathan Gonzalez.

But the information contained in Otto's arrest affidavit suggests a truly awful sequence of events whose elements include potentially illicit sexual behavior and a blackmail plot over a damning video that backfired in a fatal way, ending with a burial more than a hundred miles away. Details, photos and videos below.

An arrest affidavit for Otto obtained by 7News lays out the terrible happenings that allegedly took place in a home near Thornton.
Billy Otto's home near Thornton.
A friend of the teens is quoted in the affidavit as saying that Otto, a maintenance worker at a bakery, had a reputation for inviting young teens to his home to drink alcohol and hang out.

Espinosa-Gamboa, sixteen, and Gonzalez, fifteen, apparently took him up on this invite -- but another offer was even more problematic. The document says the teens captured a video of Otto allegedly asking Espinosa-Gamboa if he could perform oral sex on him, in addition to touching him in an inappropriate way.

Afterward, they apparently hatched a plot to blackmail Otto with the clip, and they didn't keep the idea to themselves; the affidavit quotes two people, including Espinosa-Gamboa's sister, as mentioning it. But their dreams of shaking down Otto for a six-figure sum ended in disaster.

Espinosa-Gamboa's mother reported her son missing on Saturday, telling officers he'd vanished after leaving to play basketball with Gonzalez the previous Thursday afternoon. Stories about the video and the extortion plan soon pointed investigators in the direction of Otto, but when they stopped by on Saturday, he wasn't home -- because he was driving to his family's farm, in the northeastern Colorado community of Sedgwick.
The teens were apparently buried in this area near Sedgwick.
Otto apparently hit the road in order to accomplish a terrible task.

Burying the boys.

Continue for more about the arrest of Billy Otto, including photos and videos.

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Kerry Sales
Kerry Sales

You play with fire, you're probably gonna get burned or shot!

Doug Hubka
Doug Hubka

Do you think this Otto guy will claim that he felt threatened ? As we continue to promote the Make my Day laws , we are justifying murdering anyone you don't like.

Kristina Gorman
Kristina Gorman

thinking he was set up in hopes they'd get money , too bad it had to end like this , where is the incriminating video

Niki Chartier
Niki Chartier

My husband knows this guy. He's a customer where he works & just saw him last week or so. Crazy. He saw him on tv & was like "Hey I know this guy!" And he lives down the street from a coworker!! Small world. Said he always was nice. Hmmmmm?!


@Doug Hubka The Make My Day law says that you can use deadly force against an intruder in your house, which no one in their right fucking mind would have a problem with, unless they don't value their own life. Me thinks, however, that you're confusing the MMD law with another one in another state that, contrary to popular thinking of those of your ilk, was NOT used in a certain case of self-defense. 

"we are justifying murdering anyone you don't like" What?! This case aside, if someone breaks into your house and you defend yourself (which is Make My Day), all of a sudden you're "murdering" someone you don't like? What the fuck is your malfunction, dude? I'm sorry you don't value your life enough to defend it.


@Shawn Allbritten Exactly....a pedophile and 2 potential mainstays in the penal system.

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