Reader: Anti-gay attacks have increased since start of gay marriage debate

Jared Olson.
Unfortunately, our post about the horrific assault on Jared Olson, who says he was a victim of an anti-gay hate crime, inspired some homophobic commentary amid the support. The response to one negative post, from another victim of such an attack, contains both welcome defiance and an unsettling contention.

Tj Lightning writes:

I am also a gay man who lives in Denver who actually WAS attacked randomly outside a bar for being gay. Sorry you are unable to to see how often and likely it is to occur but it has picked up since the legalization of gay marriage debates. Your ignorance is your own problem. If there is more to the story we will find out, but your assumption is pitiful.

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I am so sorry for the hate...and the awful attacks... This is the collateral damage that religion does to people. To hate their fellow human, no matter who, or, what they are.

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