Photos: Anti-pot-tax rally attracts big crowd for free joints

Big photos below.
Earlier today, we told you about an anti-pot-taxation rally to be staged at Civic Center Park. Our Alex Brown checked out the event, bringing back the photos below and lots of colorful information about the gathering.

Examples? People started lining up for the no-charge tokes at 8:30 a.m., two-and-a-half hours before the proceedings got underway -- and not all of them were thrilled when they discovered that they had to listen to speakers such as marijuana attorney Rob Corry before they could get a prize for attending.

"I'll give you a joint when I finish my statement," Corry told the crowd, which numbered in the hundreds. "We got some fat ones for you."

Photo by Alex Brown
Rob Corry addresses the crowd.
From the perspective of Corry and other rally organizers, the main problem with Proposition AA, the regulatory measure on which voters will be weighing in come November, is not the concept of marijuana taxation but its size and scope. State taxes could be as high as 30 percent, not counting local taxes -- far higher than those on alcohol, the substance frequently mentioned in the context of Amendment 64, which was approved last year. A64 allows adults 21 and over to use and possess small amounts of marijuana -- like, for instance, the joints that were the gathering's big selling point.

Eventually, those who'd gathered were rewarded for their patience: 600 pre-rolled joints were handed out, as overseen by Miguel Lopez, the man behind the rally and the annual 4/20 gathering at Civic Center.

Photo by Alex Brown
Miguel Lopez at a table where he helped dispense the free joints.
Scott, one attendee, happened upon the assembly. "I didn't even know about it," he told Brown. "I came out of McDonald's and heard about it and said, 'What?!' Got my joint and I'm happy -- I'm going to eat my sandwich and smoke it."

As for Jeremy, he said he ran two miles to get to Civic Center on time. When asked if he had made the trek for the rally or the joint, he replied, "Both! The more people we have down here, the more impact we can make. I need my medicine, and I'm here for the fun."

Photo by Alex Brown
Continue for more photos from today's anti-pot-tax rally.

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These people look like  they're at a legalize meth rally.


Ya, the opposition drools over pictures like this.  This doesn't help the cause one bit.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

"I need my medicine, and I'm here for the fun."  Right...

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