Photos: Wesley Quinlan feared dead, woman missing in ongoing Boulder flooding

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Photos, videos below.
Update:Last night, the President of the United States officially approved federal disaster assistance in regard to flooding in Boulder, El Paso and Larimer counties. But for the friends, family and loved ones of Wesley Quinlan, a Boulder teen feared dead, this significant step pales in comparison to their very personal loss.

Thus far, two people have died in the Boulder area, and neither of them have been positively identified. Likewise, a woman who was swept away in flood waters hasn't been named, either. But Quinlan's Facebook page has become an online memorial.

First, the basics, as reported by the Boulder Daily Camera. The Camera, citing multiple sources, believes the first casualty of the flooding was Joey Howlett, a 72 year old best known around town as the ex-owner of the Jamestown Mercantile Café. He's thought to have died in the collapse of a structure in Jamestown.

In addition, the paper reports that a car occupied by a male and a female was trapped in flood waters. When the woman emerged from the vehicle, she was carried away by the rushing current -- and after the man tried coming to her aid, he, too, was lost. He's thought to be Quinlan, who recently graduated from Centaurus High School.

Here's one Facebook photo of Quinlan....

Here are some sample posts on Quinlan's Facebook wall:
Wes wtf man you were not supposed to leave us yet ??!! I saw you yesterday standing at the bus stop i wish i would have stoped and said hello .. i cannot express how awesome of a person you were in this message, but let me tell ya you were 1 in the world of people dude everytime we hung out it was nothing but laughs and the crazy days of high school man ... im gunna miss ya wes -- rest in peace

R.I.P Wesley Quinlan my prayers are going out to everyone's lives you have touched. You will be missed.

Goodbye Wes... The world needs more people like you. RIP, and may God favor you

Rest in peace Wesley you will be missed like crazy by your family and friends!

I have never cried so hard upon hearing someone I care about passing away.
Wesley could not be more brilliant.

We add our voices of condolences in regard to both victims in Boulder County, as well as those close to the missing young woman and the loved ones of a man whose body was found near Fountain Creek in El Paso County yesterday.

In the meantime, City of Boulder offices and the CU-Boulder campus remain closed today and evacuations continue, with approximately 4,000 people displaced in Boulder -- including my twin daughters and their roommate, who are safe and sound at my home in Littleton -- and a staggering number of roads have been closed. See the latest list from the Boulder Office of Emergency Management below, followed by our previous coverage, featuring a dozen videos from the early stages of flooding in Boulder.

List of Boulder County road closures:


4th Street and Hawthorne Avenue
9th Street at Balsam Avenue
28th Street at Kalmia Avenue
28th Street at Spruce Street
30th Street at Pearl Parkway
55th Street at Pearl Parkway
61st/63rd Street from Jay Road to Valmont Road
75th Street from Jay Road to Valmont Road
Arapahoe Avenue at Foothills Parkway
Arapahoe Avenue at Old Tale Road
Arapahoe Avenue from 55th Street to Cherryvale Road
Baseline Road at Meadowbrook Drive
Baseline Road/Flagstaff Road west of Grant Place
Bow Mountain Road from Wagon Wheel Gap Road to Pine Brook Road
Broadway at Arapahoe Avenue
Broadway at Iris Avenue
Broadway at Pine Street
Broadway at Table Mesa Drive
Broadway at Violet Avenue
Broadway at Rosewood Avenue
Broadway from Quince Avenue to Lee Hill Drive
Cypress Drive
Foothills Parkway (SH 157) from US 36 to Pearl Parkway
Frontage Road at Baseline Road and 28th Street
Juniper Avenue (500 block)
Linden Avenue/Linden Drive west of Broadway
Spine Road at Lookout Road
Spring Valley Road at Linden Avenue
Spruce Street (300 block)
Sunnyside Lane at Mariposa Avenue

Boulder County

7th Street and Pleasant Street
39th Street from Neva Road to Nebo Road
39th Street from Ogallala Road to Plateau Road
41st Street and Oxford Road
600 block of Sugarloaf Road
Arapahoe Avenue between 19th Street and 20th Street
Boulder Canyon Drive between Boulder and Nederland
CO 7 (US 36) from Lefthand Canyon Drive to Neva Road
Diagonal Highway at Mile Marker 40
Eastbound US 36 at Table Mesa Drive
Four Mile Canyon Drive from Boulder Canyon to Poorman Road
Gold Run Road at Dixon Road
Golf Club Drive at Pebble Beach Drive
Highway 7 at Mile Marker 24
Lee Hill Drive at Olde Stage Road
Left Hand Canyon Drive at Lee Hill Drive
Lefthand Canyon Drive from Foothills Highway to Peak to Peak Highway
North 63rd Street from Bluebird Avenue to Modena Lane
North 75th Street from Arapahoe Road to Baseline Road
North 83rd Street at Yellowstone Road
North 95th Street from Lookout Road to Valmont Road and from Arapahoe to Baseline
Old Tale Road at McSorley Lane
SH 93 (South Foothills Highway) from 64th Parkway to SH 128
SH 93 (South Foothills Highway) from Greenbriar Boulevard to Eldorado Springs Drive
Sunshine Canyon at Green Rock Drive
US 36 Westbound closed at Table Mesa
US 36 Eastbound closed Closed at Table Mesa to FlatIrons
US 36 (CO 7) from Middle Fork Road to Plateau Road


Lookout Road from North 109th Street to North 115th Street
North 119th from Kenosha Road to Jasper Road


Crane Hollow Road from Hygiene Road to St Vrain Road
Hygiene Road from North 75th Street to Crane Hollow Road
North 75th Street from St. Vrain Road to Hygiene Road
North 75th Street from Nelson Road to Hygiene Road


Horizon Avenue from Majestic Drive to Panorama Point
South 120th Street from Commerce Court to South Boulder Road


Airport Road from Fordham Street to Diagonal Highway 119
Airport Road from Rogers Road to 17th Avenue
Airport Road from St. Vrain Creek to 9th Avenue
Boston Avenue from Hover Road to Price Road
Bowen Street at 2nd Avenue, south to Boston Road
County Road 1 at the St Vrain River
Diagonal Highway 119 from Fordham to Hover
Gay Street at 2nd Avenue south to Boston Road
Hover Street from Nelson Road to 9th Avenue
Hover Street from Rogers Road to 3rd Avenue
Hover Street and southbound lanes of Highway 119 headed south towards Boulder
Hygiene Road from North 75th Street to Main Street (US 287)
Ken Pratt Boulevard between Diagonal Highway 119 and Hover Street
Main Street (US 287) from Ken Pratt Boulevard to Boston Avenue
Main Street (US 287) from 3rd Street to Ken Pratt Boulevard
Missouri Avenue from Pike Street to Main Street (US 287)
North 75th Street at Coyote Trail
Price Road from 2nd Avenue to Boston Road
Roads parallel to the St Vrain River
South Pratt Parkway from 3rd Avenue to Missouri Avenue
Sunset Street from Boston Avenue to Donovan Drive
Sunset Street from Nelson Road to 3rd Avenue
Ute Highway at 75th Street
Ute Highway from 75th Street to McCall Drive


Highway 66 from North 75th Street to Lyons
US 36 from Lyons into Larimer County


North 95th Street from Valmont Road to Lookout Road

Continue for our previous coverage of the flooding in Boulder, including a dozen videos.

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Kevin T. Ryan
Kevin T. Ryan

Castle Rock is beautiful and green, no floods!

Drew Aslin
Drew Aslin

I live in a garden level apartment about a mile from Bear Creek in South Boulder. As of 10PM last night, my entire apartment was under 2 inches of water, and my porch was like a calf high deep kiddie pool. I'm cooped up at the Days Inn down the road with my little dog, Batman The Boston Terrier; haven't been back since to see the damage. Couldn't bring my kitty; she's upstairs with a neighbor. Called my landlord (nobody cared to call me) and the only response from my landlord's receptionist was "I have no clue about our plans - all I know is we'll be getting blowers out to all our flooded units sometime today. I don't know when." "Do you have an estimated time how long I'll be displaced? Any plans what they plan on doing about the floor for?" "I have no clue whatsoever." Dear Clueless Landlord's Receptionist who wouldn't pass the phone to the maintenance department, YOU COMFORT ME SOO WELL IN MY TIME OF CONCERN *bangs head on wall*!

George Lunbeck
George Lunbeck

No flooding yet but there is a pond outside I never noticed before haha!

Gerald Calvin Bohmer Jr
Gerald Calvin Bohmer Jr

I have a leak near/in my evaporative cooler, & some clogged gutters. Lots of mud in the back yard. No flooding tho.

Evelyn Maria
Evelyn Maria

Smart go under bridges when it's flooding

John Larson
John Larson

God promised not to destroy the world in another flood, but he didn't say anything about boulder :p

Isaac Griffin
Isaac Griffin

I live in Westminster. The sump pump just turned on in the basement. Started moving things. Hope basement doesn't flood. Fingers crossed

Kimberly McDevitt
Kimberly McDevitt

Evacuated at 1 am, slept on the hallway floor of a nearby apartment building, glad to be safe. I'm sorry for the two people I'm hearing have lost their lives.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Drew Aslin What an experience, Drew. Thanks for sharing it.

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