Video: Broncos more cold-blooded than Walter White versus Eagles?

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Demaryius Thomas adds to Philly's misery.
At that point, the third quarter wasn't over yet, but the game was. Nonetheless, Manning probably would have stayed in the contest had linebacker Steven Jackson not returned a blocked punt for yet another touchdown, boosting the score to 49-13. At that point, even Peyton couldn't justify risking injury with backup Brock Osweiler prepared for garbage time.

Must a note of caution be sounded at this point? Well, the Eagles were 1-2 coming in to the game and were routed by the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs last week, so they're more of a work in progress than a juggernaut. However, the manner in which the Broncos dispatched them remains not just impressive but daunting. At this point, future opponents have got more than enough game film of Denver dominating to absolutely scare the shit out of themselves.

And that's just the way the Broncos like it. They're playing like White's famous blue meth: at least 96 percent pure.

Here's a recap of yesterday's game.

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