Who ranks the Broncos the best team in football -- and who thinks they're number two?

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Mile High Report's Kyle Montgomery notes that ESPN's power rankings still place the Broncos in the number two slot despite their latest blow-out win -- but plenty of other sports pundits disagree.

Colorado Pols on Senator Mark Udall's bipartisan domestic-spying-reform bill.

Denver Egotist offers an update from A Small Print Shop.

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Matt Morava
Matt Morava

It's all about matchups and there are a few teams out there that could give Denver problems... Seattle, Houston, and New Orleans being at the top of the list.

LindaLee Law
LindaLee Law

No. But this year, their wins put them up there

Andy Martin
Andy Martin

do you mean right now or all time? because they are the best team right now for sure

Sean Bracken
Sean Bracken

On paper, they're the best team. Still need to see them win a playoff game in the Manning era.

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