Photos: Five things about the Broncos that make us madder than those stupid Joe Flacco signs

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We love the Broncos; we bleed orange; we have season tickets. But we just can't quite muster enough righteous indignation to be angry about the Joe Flacco signs that went up around Denver last week, infuriating so many.

Sportscaster Vic Lombardi pretended to be so upset about it that he illegally defaced one of the banners. Woody Paige blathered predictably about it on ESPN, while a group of fans circulated a petition, even though there are plenty of other things to be angry about. Or at least five.

The petition asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to "Take the Joe Flacco signage off my Mile High Stadium! Get it out of my Mile High City! Broncos Nation will not endure this detestable and audacious act. Who in their right mind thought that we would just let this fly?! We stand united against your unbearable Joe Flacco signage."
Even Mayor Michael Hancock weighed in, telling 104.3/The Fan radio sports guys Big Al and D-Mac that sometimes you have to swallow your pride for the greater good -- in this case, the honor of hosting the first NFL regular-season game of the year.

And we agree with him. It's awesome that Denver gets to take the stage in a rematch with Super Bowl champions the Ravens, the team that -- oh, by the way -- knocked the Broncos out of the playoffs last year, derailing our Super Bowl dreams.

But that doesn't mean we're not indignant about other things. In fact, there's plenty to be pissed off about when it comes to the Broncos. Here are five things that make us a lot madder than some stupid signs paid for by the NFL.

Number 5: Bag's End

Photo by Michael Roberts
We understand the need for security at major sporting events, but the new rule that forbids fans from carrying any kind of bag -- save for the clear ones issued by the NFL -- or even seat cushions is taking things too far. The most obnoxious part of the process, though, is the handheld metal-detector wands that security guards now use to sweep everyone -- even kids -- as they hand over their tickets. Take out your keys and hold up your cell phones: Getting into a Broncos game is now harder than entering the Denver City and County Building, and almost as bad as flying out of Denver International Airport.

Continue to keep counting down the five things about the Broncos that make us madder than those stupid Joe Flacco signs.

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Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson

The fact that during home games they close off 13th st west of Zuni and require everyone to drive through the mess that is stadium traffic. I must be missing something--why would you funnel traffic towards the stadium?


Funny how Bronco fans and local writers forget that the Broncos still would have had to win two more games last year to win the Super Bowl. They lost a Division game not even the AFC Championship game. You would think they lost the Super Bowl on a last second Hail Mary. They finished 5th not 2nd, 3rd or 4th.


No real football fan righht mind cares about craft beer choices at a Broncos game. Take that wishy-washy fair weather attitude to Coors Field or the Pepsi Center where they need that sort of thing to attract fans to the games. You lost me when you refered to Mile High Stadium as a "park."

Tom Pellegren
Tom Pellegren

What describes the quarterback when he comes out of the shower? He's washed up!


You can really tell when a guy hasn't written sports in the past.

Norman Dillon
Norman Dillon

Only thing makes me mad is the Westwood.... You seem to be turning into one of those cheap magazines like the national enquire!

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