Reader: Chris "Birdman" Andersen's NBA title is poetic justice after being run out of Denver
Yesterday's post about Chris "Birdman" Andersen being cleared of wrongdoing related to an Internet Crimes Against Children investigation, and revelations that he'd been doubled-Catfished in an online scheme, brought out fans confident he'd been innocent all along. Here's one example.

Mike Knopping writes:

No shit...People were very quick to point fingers and jump to conclusions. This almost cost him his career. Kinda poetic justice he got road outta Denver on a rail and then got picked up by the next team to win a championship. Good for him.

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Ephen Stephens
Ephen Stephens

Never believed the charges, but I can't say he "deserved better" either. The Nuggets used the charges as a means to dump him because Chris got complacent after he was awarded a new contract. He came back from the off season out of shape. Basically, he was too fat to be an effective energy guy. That was on him. However, I do love how this worked out for Chris. He is the underdogs underdog. That's where he is most effective. He thrives under chaos.

Russell Ray
Russell Ray

Those that knew Chris never believed the stories being tossed around by a "feeding frenzy" group of media types. Chris became "guilty" by a court of public opinion "educated" by clearly slanted media desires. KSE was not going to be able to change the public perception. It was a (sad) business decision. The fact that Chris went on to get a well-deserved ring is a different story. It's only being tied to the legal events in an effort to keep the story alive and attract more readers.

John Hazelwood
John Hazelwood

Vindicated. NBA Champion. Well deserved, I'd say. He's the only reason I even paid attention to the NBA finals this year.

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