Photos: Five more nice/nasty definitions of Colorado cities on Urban Dictionary

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Last week, we shared with you five nice/nasty definitions of five Colorado cities -- Boulder, Greeley, Vail, Grand Junction and Denver -- on Urban Dictionary. But those were hardly the only places from our fair state to get the sometimes on-point/often flat-out-crazy treatment from the site's inspired definers.

Look below to see one nice and one nasty definition for another five Colorado communities: Fort Collins, Aspen, Wheat Ridge, Montrose and Colorado Springs. Which of them comes closest to the mark for you?

Fort Collins: The Nice Definition

The most wonderful town in Colorado where the beer flows like wine. Commonly referred to as: Fort Fun, The Fort, and Fo Co.

Fo Co po po fo' sho!

Fort Collins: The Nasty Definition
Used to be a small, boring, cow town, oh wait it still IS.

Places close too early, if you're under 21 there ain't sh*t to do, the mall is one floor and too small, vanilla valley, not enough places to dance and traffic is worse than Denver.

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