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Last week, we shared with you five nice/nasty definitions of five Colorado cities -- Boulder, Greeley, Vail, Grand Junction and Denver -- on Urban Dictionary. But those were hardly the only places from our fair state to get the sometimes on-point/often flat-out-crazy treatment from the site's inspired definers.

Look below to see one nice and one nasty definition for another five Colorado communities: Fort Collins, Aspen, Wheat Ridge, Montrose and Colorado Springs. Which of them comes closest to the mark for you?

Fort Collins: The Nice Definition

The most wonderful town in Colorado where the beer flows like wine. Commonly referred to as: Fort Fun, The Fort, and Fo Co.

Fo Co po po fo' sho!

Fort Collins: The Nasty Definition
Used to be a small, boring, cow town, oh wait it still IS.

Places close too early, if you're under 21 there ain't sh*t to do, the mall is one floor and too small, vanilla valley, not enough places to dance and traffic is worse than Denver.

Continue to read more nice/nasty definitions of Colorado cities on Urban Dictionary.

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Erica Vaughn
Erica Vaughn

Well all those highland dbags are pissing themselves to jump Sheridan and get a piece of the sweet Wheat Town pie. Explain that Westturd!!!!

Susan Donlan Roy
Susan Donlan Roy

Lotsa really nice people here to help load the truck too.

Mike Streno
Mike Streno

If your gonna knock on Colorado so much by saying these cities are bad, football games are bad, and bitch about everything then why are you here?? If you can't find anything to do Michael Roberts, I have something for you to do pack your shit and leave.

Sean Gronbeck
Sean Gronbeck

Ignorant people say many things, though none of what they say is true.

Jessica Yoos
Jessica Yoos

Disagree with Fort's an outdoors type of city...lots of things to do. It's like the saying goes...only boring people get bored!


Not true, there's plenty to do in Colorado go to church and hate on gay people.  Until you find out that your pastor is a gay meth head who nails prostitutes in Denver.  Actually, that's almost worth going for, almost.

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