Photos: Colorado flag-art show next Colorado Day? A Capitol idea!

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Long before the Colorado rebranding team decided a variation on the Colorado flag would not be an option, Coloradans had turned into a bunch of flag-wavers. Over the past decade, the iconic flag symbol has been used on everything from tattoos to crocheted headband -- a creative outpouring that's exactly what rebranding was supposed to celebrate. And so, as I was listening to Aaron Kennedy, Colorado's chief marketing officer, explain the logic behind the new brand, I suggested that in a show of solidarity, flag-wavers be featured in an official state exhibit.

And why not tie the exhibit to Colorado Day, since August 1, 2014, is a First Friday?

After all, in recent years the Colorado flag -- first adopted in 1911 -- has even found plenty of official fans. A variation of the flag's C is on the home page of the state's official tourism site,

coloradotourism.png well as the home page for the Colorado Innovation Network, which held the event where the new brand was announced at the end of August.....


...and It's even on the original site for the rebranding project,

It is for now, anyhow.

But while the flag was good enough for those sites, Kennedy and company decided early on that it wouldn't work for the new brand. One of the reasons why not? Because the Colorado flag logo belongs to everyone and the state can't control its use -- not its use by commercial outfits, not its use by independent artists. (Read the official explanation in the Why not use the Colorado flag?" rebranding chapter "here.)

Still, Kennedy seemed open to the idea of a Colorado flag show. So who knows? Maybe next year the state will take a break from slapping the new brand on business cards and letterheads and install an exhibit that celebrates Colorado's creative spirit. And if the Capitol isn't up for hosting such a show, we're open to alternative sites.

Here's a sampling of what might be displayed:

Continue for more examples of Colorado flag-art that could be featured next Colorado Day.

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Jewels Gray
Jewels Gray

Ooo yes, and I want to body paint for it!

Ezra-David Darnell
Ezra-David Darnell

Hey now, let's not be hasty. The female form is nature's finest masterpiece... ( joke , kinda )

Ben Owens
Ben Owens

Pretty weak article. With the overwhelming amount of Colorado Flag merch out there these are the best examples you could find?

Steve Holmberg
Steve Holmberg

The new branding is a joke, and admittedly created just to generate income. Curios how long it will take to generate enough income to pay for this sad excuse for a marketer's salary?!

Page Sanderson
Page Sanderson

Post a painting instead of a check in shorts and then let's talk about an art show.

Ian StClair
Ian StClair

I think this would best be celebrated on 3/03 or 7/20. Anything we can do about this?

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