Reader: After the flood, I open-carried a gun -- and I'm glad I did

Troy Sennet.
We're still collecting reactions to a post about alleged post-flood looting on the CU-Boulder campus; Troy Sennet, seen here, was one of two people arrested.

Among the recent comments is one from a local who decided he felt safer when strapped.

xyzabc writes:

When my girlfriend's parents were evacuated because of the flood in Boulder, they fled their home without securing it before they left to come stay with us. When I accompanied them back to Boulder the following day to secure the home and collect valuables, I was armed. I've never open carried in Boulder before, but that day I was.

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Bret Egan
Bret Egan

I was a student of mileti 20+ years ago and he tried peddling this theory on us. He flat out told us that looting is a made up phenomena and expending law enforcement to combat looting is a waste of resources.

Ellen Zuckerman
Ellen Zuckerman

I've seen you post this exact comment multiple times...those remarks are from an 8 year old article about the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in New Orleans...more recent citations? (I was unable to find anything more recently quoted, so just curious)

Steven M Palmer
Steven M Palmer

Seeing photos of two dudes carrying a big-screen through hip deep water? Not exactly scavenging for necessities...

Bret Egan
Bret Egan

A complete over reaction. Ask Dr. Dennis Mileti, the chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Colorado. According to Mileti, looting never occurs after a natural disaster. Laughable, I know!

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