Photos: Connie Yang, Suzanne Turell reportedly stranded on Long's Peak

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Big photos below.
Our latest rash of inclement weather has caused major flooding and at least two deaths in Boulder County as well as the evacuation of Lyons residents who had been trapped since Wednesday.

But the precipitation hasn't been limited to lower altitudes -- and now, we're hearing that a pair of climbers from Maine, Connie Yang (seen in the image at the right) and Suzanne Turell, got stuck on Long's Peak due to an ice storm and are awaiting rescue. Photos, audio and details below.

The information comes from 9News, where a staffer spoke with David Turell, Suzanne's brother.

The station took the unusual step of posting the raw audio of an interview with David -- listen to it below. In it, he says family members received a series of text messages about their situation. They include:

"We need help. At top of longs peak. 13400 feet. Whitehout snow storm."

"No injuries. Iced over risk of hypothermia. On South ridge."

"No battery. Yellow tent. We are off trail."

However, the messages have now stopped, presumably because the phone's battery died.

Judging by photos on Yang's Facebook page, she's very athletic, has a great love of the outdoors, and is experienced in a range of weather conditions. Here's one shot....

...and another....

connie.yang.2.jpg well as a third image:

David tells 9News that he's spoken to representatives of Rocky Mountain National Park and understands a rescue team is being assembled. We send our best wishes to the climbers and emergency personnel in what is clearly another example of Colorado's weather extremes.

Here's the 9News audio of David Turell talking about the situation.

More from our News archive: "Videos: Trapped Lyons residents being evacuated by National Guard."

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Very foolish of them, wish them the best of luck with the rescue and paying off the S&R bill.

Renee H. Brown
Renee H. Brown

Priya did you even read the story? The photo(s) are of one of the two missing climbers!

Star Stepping
Star Stepping

people gravitate towards drama ..wish them good anyway


@Steven Tillinghast Summit fever kills.  Just like the back country, ahem "experts", who got themselves killed on Loveland Pass this past spring.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@suzysnow42 Thanks for posting this link, Suzy. We hope it'll help get the word out.


@michael.roberts @suzysnow42 .... yeah, lets mobilize Ft Carson for these two while entire towns are flooding elsewhere.  Makes perfect sense.  As a vet myself I'm appalled.  Special forces are not the play toy to bail out the stupid.


@fognl7 reading is fundamental.

Read my post again and go look at the family's tmblr site too.

Also, check out the Denver post article on the topic; I'm not the only one with the same comment.


They walked out, and a search and rescue party never materialized. Hopefully you're less appalled, corn29.

BTW I'm curious what 'being a vet' has to do with anything in this story.

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