Photos: Ten best parks for doing just about anything in Denver and beyond

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Contrary to the impression left by many local and national news broadcasts, not every park on the Front Range was badly damaged by recent flooding. Indeed, some of our favorites either sustained little or limited damage or are already coming back strong. With that in mind, we've dipped into our huge Best of Denver archive to find great destination suggestions in the city and within easy driving range for running, cycling, skateboarding, fishing and more. Look below to see ten photo-illustrated picks from the 2013 edition. Then get out there and enjoy Colorado.

Best Park for Cycling -- City Park
Flickr Creative Commons/Nick Nunns
"Yes, construction and goose poop pose constant challenges, but its 7.5 miles of bike paths make City Park a clear favorite for cyclists of all bents -- especially the ones who don't want to brave the hordes of "serious" cyclists at Washington Park. Great views of the skyline, water features, creature features, and quick access to Uptown restaurants, a vibrant slice of East Colfax and the quiet streets of Park Hill (not to mention the zoo and the museum) add to the allure of this heart-of-the-city ride." Best of Denver -- 2013

Best Park for Running -- Washington Park

"Washington Park is like the Studio 54 of running: Anyone who's anyone jogs there. But there's a good reason for its popularity: miles of wide and well-kept trails. The bounty of fellow runners also means it's easy to eavesdrop on personal conversations, which is always entertaining. Plus, running sucks, and it's comforting to be among other people who are suffering as much as you are." Best of Denver -- 2013
Continue for more of the ten best parks for doing just about anything in Denver and beyond.

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Latifah Abdul'laah
Latifah Abdul'laah

The park closest to my house and that I grew up playing in: Bible park

Ty Hagaman
Ty Hagaman

Wash park used to be a fun park until they started discriminating against volleyball players. Now it's great for jogging and eavesdropping? This shit is lame!


Wash park has always been the best park, hands down.  Any list of great parks that leaves Garden of the Gods (in the Springs) off the list has to be suspect.    

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