Videos: Startling aerial footage of flooding in Lyons, Longmont

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Videos below.
Colorado Office of Emergency Management numbers have changed since our publication of a flooding update 24 hours ago -- some for the better (648 people remain unaccounted for, as opposed to 1,253 yesterday), the most important one for the worse (confirmed fatalities have gone up from five to eight). But to truly grasp the scope of this natural disaster, one needs to see it from above. To that end, we've grouped a dozen aerial clips shared by videographer Payton Peterson over Longmont and Lyons in recent days.

The images astound even as they indicate the incredible amount of work that lies ahead of these communities and the people who call them home. See all twelve below.

Continue to see more aerial footage of flooding in Longmont and Lyons.

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It's like the Planet is trying to wash itself of us.  Scary !

Betsy Hill
Betsy Hill

God bless all who are suffering. It is so hard for so many right now in Colorado. Even some whose home was not damaged still can't go home because there are no utilities, stores, or roads.

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