Video: Fourth recent officer-involved shooting targets burglar at detective's home

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Photos, video below.
The Northglenn Police Department is currently in the midst of investigating an incident yesterday during which a knife-wielding burglar was hit by multiple bullets after allegedly attempting to break into a foolhardy target -- the home of a Wheat Ridge police detective.

If this sort of story rings a bell for you, it should. The shooting was at least the fourth of late to involve a police officer. Photos, video and details below.

Let's start with the most recent gun-down. At about 12:45 p.m. on Monday (yes, it was broad daylight), Northglenn cops were called to a home on the 11400 block of Fowler Drive. As noted earlier, it belongs to a Wheat Ridge detective, but he wasn't home at the time. However, his wife and two young kids were present and accounted for.

Near where yesterday's incident took place.
Upon their arrival, officers say they were confronted by a man with a knife who was reportedly trying to break into the home via the back door.

At that point, they ordered the man to drop the knife. Instead, officers say he advanced toward them, still holding the weapon, prompting one of the cops on the scene to open fire, striking him with two shots or more.

Another look at the scene.
At that point, the man was transported to Denver Health. In an update released last night, the NPD noted that "we do not have any additional information regarding the suspect's condition and we are not prepared to release the suspect's name pending further investigation." Neither is the officer who pulled the trigger being identified.

Other recent police shootings? On July 5 in Morrison, Jefferson County deputies were called to a home at 12574 West Grand Drive to investigate what the First Judicial District DA's office describes as a domestic violence incident involving the homeowner, R. Kirksen (Kirk) Barnhardt, who is said to have assaulted his estranged wife in front of the house, then headed back inside.

When Barnhardt refused to come out (and after deputies saw him in possession of a weapon), the SWAT team was called and negotiations began -- and went on for around three hours. Then, Barnhardit allegedly fired a shot through a glass window at the SWAT squad, prompting officers to return fire. They struck the gunman, who had to be hospitalized as a result of his wounds.

On Friday, First Judicial District DA Peter Weir absolved of any wrongdoing the SWAT teamers in question, Officers Ian Hettrick and Michael Gutke.

Another officer-involved shooting took place on August 13 in Denver.

Continue for more about recent police shootings, including more photos and videos.

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They only killed 2 of 4 idiots, we need to improve their stats or we will never get rid of all the idiots.

Michael Beckerman
Michael Beckerman

Cops are still WAY too quick to shoot people (and dogs) and everyone knows it. That needs to change and fast or the bad reputation that cops have will never improve one bit.

Matt Gillespie
Matt Gillespie

A recent study shows that the odds of getting shot by a police officer are greatly reduced by not acting like an idiot while in possession of a weapon. Astonishing.

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

I can't say. I wasn't there. Neither were those posting here. I'm quite sure they were lawful shootings. Whether they were truly justified, only the officer knows. Well, the officer and the deceased that is.


@Half Aspen "I'm quite sure they were lawful shootings."....You don't get out much do you?

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