Videos: Hail on earth -- and in west Denver metro

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Videos below.
A few short weeks ago, a hail storm hammered much of south Jeffco -- a freakish occurrence followed by the equally terrifying attack of the hail-storm-chasing roofers. Now it's your turn, west Denver metro. We've collected a slew of videos from the latest example of meteorological mayhem, including a clip from Lakewood that makes it seem as if it's raining leaves, because they're being torn from the trees, and another from a Golden cyclist who looks like he's venturing out in the dead of winter. Check them all out below.

Continue to see more videos of yesterday's crazy hail storm in west Denver metro.

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Mary Manning Schumacher
Mary Manning Schumacher

None here in our West Wash Park neighborhood. But I do expect a rash of roofing replacement salesmen.

Richard Scott Taylor
Richard Scott Taylor

Here come the roof rats! (No, I DON'T need new shingles, and feel free to get off my lawn!)

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