Jenny Kush's friends share memories of cannabis activist killed by drunk driver

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Tim Martin: Host of JohnDoe Radio
Tim Martin.
One thing is for sure and needs to be said clearly, maybe, is that she made everyone she loved feel it. You knew how much she cared about you because she made sure to let you know
Paul Garret: Owner, Mad Hatter Smoke Shop
Paul Garret.
We were all at HoodLab, and I don't know if you remember the old HoodLab, but if it was cold outside, it was cold inside there. Anyway, I remember seeing her freezing and I told her that I wasn't hitting on her, but she could come share my big jacket with me. She laughed, came over and hugged me and got warm. I remember her looking up at me then and saying, "You're my best friend."

And she meant it. Sure as shit, the next day she shows up and starts hanging out at [the smoke shop]. She wasn't taking "no" for an answer. I was her friend: That is the way it is.

(Note: Kush eventually started working at Mad Hatter, where Garret says she streamlined operations.)

What started out as a favor to a friend became so much more than that. She just fell into so many vacant roles that were needed at the store. She basically took over and became my assistant and right-hand-man who took care of everything for me. She loved helping people and helping people out. She was always there and in the center of it, but never once expected credit.

Georgia Edson.
Georgia Edson.
The last time I saw Jenny was a couple of weeks ago, when she came [to MMD] to visit me. I was working by myself and she walks in the door and I'm so surprised. Like, out of the blue. Jenny walks in here and sits down on the couch and we're talking, talking, talking and having a great conversation. After about twenty minutes, I wondered if she wanted something. She had walked in and I just started chatting at her and catching up.

So finally I asked, "You know, what brought you here?"

And forever-honest Jenny grinned and admitted her ulterior motive:

"Well, I was just driving past and I really had to go to the bathroom and I knew yours would be clean."

I wasn't offended by that. That's just Jenny. But she sat here after and we caught up and chatted forever. She's just such a great person.

Here's a video from the final SexPot Radio program, recorded on September 24.

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