Bill May's photo diary of flooding in Longmont

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Big photos below.
Our posts about flooding in Boulder and Lyons show the wide-ranging nature of the ongoing situation, which has already resulted in a slew of road, business and public-agency closures, as well as several lives lost.

But dealing with a deluge like this one remains a very personal experience, as illustrated by the photos shared with us by Longmont's Bill May.

In images and his captions for them, he takes viewers from his home to the immediate area, depicting the impact on the places he visits. Join him below.

Photo by Bill May
"From the dining room, we can see Boulder Creek covers all the lowland and is about a half-mile wide."

Photo by Bill May
"Pulling out of our drive, I had to cross the first flood. Of course, this is just runoff from the small hills to the west of 115th Street."

Photo by Bill May
"Check out the whirlpool caused by the water leaving the field and going thru the drain pipe."

Photo by Bill May
"The pond below the house is about a foot from overflowing. I don't think it will. Although they are forecasting more rain for our area later today/tonight, the rain is tapering off some around us. That will not slow down the creeks coming out of the mountains as it is still raining heavily up there."

Photo by Bill May
"Just past Lookout on 115th, Boulder Creek is not hard to find...."

Photo by Bill May
"Boulder Creek under the bridge at the turn on Kenosha heading towards Erie."

Photo by Bill May
"Past the bridge now, the amount of flooding became obvious quickly."

Photo by Bill May
"All the houses along Kenosha are under several feet (or more)."

Photo by Bill May
"I kept going east on Kenosha and around the corner ahead of me, there was another long stretch of road also flooded over."
May adds: "Closer to the mountains, the flooding creeks have closed off roads and isolated areas. All the canyons ( Boulder, Left Hand, North and South St. Vrain) are all closed and emergency help can't get up them. The city of Lyons has been isolated for two days and the National Guard are using large Army trucks to haul out people that need medical help."

More from our News archive: "Videos: Trapped Lyons residents being evacuated by National Guard."

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