Photo of the Day: The really Mile High Stadium

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While collecting the images we shared in our Tim Tebow cut memes post earlier today, we stumbled upon this graphic depiction of Mile High Stadium, complete with something new at midfield. Does it reveal the real secret to the Broncos' success at home? Well, it didn't do Von Miller any good. But with the NFL season opener against the Baltimore Ravens just two days away, we'll take any advantage we can get....

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Linda Lee
Linda Lee

This is going to be a great season! Less drunks to have to handle and more stoned hungry . Security gets to do their job - evict the drunk and the concessions  see their registers ring more  lol  EVERYONE INCLUDING THE BRONCOS WIN! or as Michael Scott of the Officer says "its a win , win , win, " lol lol

RobertChase topcommenter

You apparently do not know what the word "literally" means:  Mile-High Stadium would be literally a mile high were it at an elevation of at least 5,280 feet (but it is about eighty feet too low); if fans were allowed to smoke out in the stands, Mile-High Stadium would be a mile high figuratively, not literally.

Chris Estus
Chris Estus

Is that a maple leaf? They good at least make it look correct.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Come Friday morning, the Donks will be 0-1.

...and stop telling me I'm supposed to be a fan. I don't live in Denver...but I do have the privilege of paying into the Pat Bowlen fund via sales tax anyway.

Linda Lee
Linda Lee

@Chris Estus yeah Chris, that's what it is cause the Broncos are a Canadian team  NOT ( but one of the owners/frmr owner ?, Edgar Kaiser is from Canada.... lol lol  yeah and all fans get a bottle of maple syrup lol

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