Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of August 2013

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Big photos below.
Our crime coverage during the month of August has truly run the gamut.

Included are photos of two notable Denver celebs caught in law's trap, as well as images of people accused of bizarre offenses (like the guy who declared that "all raccoons must die") and those who allegedly committed the most shocking acts imaginable.

See them all below, and be sure to click on the captions or links to see our original coverage.

Lucas Piper.
Read more in "Lucas Piper busted for alleged arson at home of people he met at String Cheese Incident concert."

Nathan Campbell.
Read more in "Nathan Campbell reportedly bought Venice hit-and-run Dodge Avenger in Colorado."

Erin Jackson.
Read more in "Erin Jackson, Aurora teacher, sentenced to community service in East High hit-and-run."

Joshua Jackson.
Read more in "Videos: Joshua Jackson records SWAT team rap as SWAT team moves in."

Continue for more of the twenty most memorable mug shots of August 2013.

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Marcus Rose
Marcus Rose

Felix looks like he belongs on an episode of CSI Miami!!!


Hmmmm..... don't know what to think of this mugshot thing...seems like more like mocking

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