Peter Boyles wins first head-to-head match-up with KHOW's Mandy Connell, his replacement

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Peter Boyles.
Last month, we noted that longtime morning-show host Peter Boyles, who was fired at KHOW following an incident involving longtime producer Greg Hollenback, won the ratings race with his old station in July, his first month at new outlet KNUS.

Granted, this achievement came with an asterisk: Mandy Connell, his replacement at KHOW, hadn't yet made her debut. But now we've got the August numbers, and in the first head-to-head match-up between Boyles and Connell, the results are the same -- a clear and convincing victory for the veteran.

First, some previously reported background: During a late June interview announcing his jump to KNUS, Boyles told us that he and Hollenbeck, who'd been friends and worked together for many years, got into a heated exchange during a high-profile June broadcast -- a 9News crew was on hand to watch Tom Tancredo announce his latest run for governor -- that ended with the host pulling the producer toward him by a lanyard around his neck, leaving red marks.
Peter Boyles and Tom Tancredo in the KHOW studio on what proved to be the host's last show for the station.
The scene was reported to KHOW management and Boyles was taken off the air while a decision was made about his fate. The suspension continued until the expiration of his contract, which had been under negotiation at the time of the incident. At that point, he was fired, but soon found a suitor in KNUS -- and after an unexpected delay that pushed back his debut, he took to the air amid congratulations from listeners who called the outlet in droves.

Cut to last month, when we obtained a document showing July ratings for three Clear Channel stations -- KOA, KHOW and KKZN -- plus KNUS in two demos: 12+ (listeners age twelve and older) and 6+ (listeners age six and over). True, most stations don't use these particular demos in their sales pitches to advertisers, preferring to concentrate on niche. But they do provide a broad sense of programs' popularity, and by that measure, Boyles got off to a good start, beating KHOW handily by both measures.

Mandy Connell.
This time around, the station ranker that came into our possession is more detailed, showing ratings for 12+, 6+ and two separate demos -- persons 25-54 and persons 25-64. Moreover, the top twenty Denver-metro stations, talkers and music outlets alike, are listed in each of three Monday-Friday time blocks: 5 a.m.-6 a.m., 6 a.m.-7 a.m. and 6 a.m.-9 a.m. And while Boyles doesn't top any of the categories -- that honor goes to KOA and (on a couple of occasions) KCFR, also known as Colorado Public Radio -- he's consistently ahead of KHOW.

Examples? From 6 a.m.-9 a.m. (the hours of Boyles's shift) in 6+, KNUS finishes eleventh, while KHOW comes in fifteenth. In 12+ over the same span, KNUS is tenth, while KHOW ties for fifteenth. In persons 25-54 during those hours, KNUS finishes twelfth, KHOW sixteenth, and for 25-64, KNUS is thirteenth, KHOW sixteenth.

As mentioned earlier, this roster pits music and talk signals against each other. When it comes to talk, though, KOA is tops, followed by KNUS, with KHOW and KKZN trailing.

The challenge for Boyles now will be to sustain his ratings and build on them over the long haul. For her part, Connell needs to cobble together a following -- a challenge given that much of KHOW's audience appears to have stopped listening to the station during morning drive as soon as Boyles split.

More from our Media archive circa August: "Peter Boyles beats ratings at station that fired him in first month at KNUS."

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The voice of the people is back, Peter Boyles! at least in Denver, Colorado, and let none try to keep him down, and those whom want to hear the truth will continue to follow and fight with him for the freedom of the country and with that being said that is how it is!


This is a pretty silly comparison. Boyles has been on the air for about 30 years in Denver. He has built up an audience and there is no question they would follow him, especially since Talk Radio is personality driven.

Good luck to the new face on KHOW., hope she does well in the long term. 

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

This sounds not much like news and a lot like cheerleading for a buddy.

...and no, I don't much like Boyles. When he was on Colorado Inside Out, he seemed like a real prick.

davebarnes topcommenter

Mandy is way cuter than Peter.
Oops, it's radio.


I like her show! I will keep her on my list, for times when Boyles is talking about stuff I don't care for, as he does sometimes. Go, Lady!


The only lesson here is that Boyle (a bargain-basement Beck at best) has a small but dedicated cadre of listeners. Who cares? Radio is a dead medium: it is already sinking faster than print news. Boyle is a relic of a fading, hate-filled age that began with Father Coughlin. Soon the only listeners he will have left will be the obese, idiotic Weld county commissioners striking their dongs and ranting about Communists in heathen Denver.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@radioisdead I'm pretty sure the "newspapers" are doing much worse than radio, actually. Talk radio, in particular seems to be alive and well.


@Cognitive_Dissident @radioisdead  That is just because Rush and some of the others give their broadcasts away for free with no licensing fees -- stations snap them up because they think it is bargain. Rush is hemorrhaging listeners and sponsors and is clearly on his way to the standard death by misadventure (re: heartattack-by-Oxy-overdose-while-molesting-a-young-boy). It will be a fine day.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@radioisdead @Cognitive_Dissident I think it's because people get to participate, which they don't get to do with TV or Films, and which more complete in their experience with the real world than the internet forms of communication (other than videoconferencing.) There is an attachment with radio that is unique.

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