Reid Gates, R.I.P.: Remembering Cedaredge teen who died in carbon monoxide accident

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Big photos below.
Reid Gates, seventeen, was Mr. Everything at Cedaredge High School. A track star who recently finished first among 3A high jumpers in the entire state. A football standout. And, not coincidentally, a straight-A student who'd begun thinking about enrolling at the Air Force Academy. But Gates won't get a chance to realize his abundant potential. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning over the weekend, and two friends who were with him remain hospitalized in Denver -- one in critical condition. Photos, video and the sad details below.

Gates's Facebook page, which is still active at this writing, features a number of photos highlighting his track accomplishments, including this shot of him receiving top honors for high jumping this past spring:

Another image shows that his athletic skills translated to the water as well.

We also found this video of Gates talking about his track accomplishments, yet coming across as charming, personable and becomingly modest.

Other looks at Gates come courtesy of 9News' emotional coverage, including clips of him on the gridiron....
...and posing with his younger brother and his sister at her recent wedding:
What took place this weekend represents the opposite of these joyful scenes. Here's what happened.

Continue for more about the tragic death of Reid Gates, including additional photos and a video.

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Eric Smiles
Eric Smiles

It's extra sad because he played sports.

Debbie McConchie
Debbie McConchie

This is such a terrible loss for this young mans family and friends. I work with his uncle, so hard to see the pain in his eyes. Your memory will live long in the hearts of those who love you Reid.

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