Photos: Rocky Mountain National Park slowly reopening after flood

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Courtesy Rocky Mountain National Park Facebook
"The bridge that the water used to go under is now clogged with rocks and debris, which has caused the water to change directions and find a new path downhill:" This description of the photo above can be found on the Facebook page of Rocky Mountain National Park, one of many Colorado attractions closed by the recent devastating floods. But yesterday's reopening of Highway 7, which once again allowed folks to visit Estes Park, also gave the park a chance to put out the welcome mat. But not everything's accessible yet, nor will it be for a while. Look below to see photos of the flood's impact on the area, complete with RMNP captions, followed by a news release revealing what's open and what's not.

Courtesy Rocky Mountain National Park Facebook
"The Big Thompson River that flows through the Moraine Park meadow is bank full, as it continues to rain on September 15th 2013. It is mimicing the look it usually has during spring run-off."

Courtesy Rocky Mountain National Park Facebook
"Up Valley at the Cub Lake TH you can see how wide the river really is. The water has damaged many trails and bridges through the Park."

Courtesy Rocky Mountain National Park Facebook
"The swelling Big Thompson River seen from the first bridge on the Cub Lake trail."

Continue for more photos of flooding at Rocky Mountain National Park and information about its incremental reopening.

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