Von Miller's latest brush with the law like spitting in Broncos' faces, blogger says

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Von Miller.
Denver blog posts walk the straight and narrow.

South Stands Denver's Colin Daniels rips Von Miller after the suspended Bronco was cited for driving with a suspended license.

Check out Colorado Pols' recall election post-mortem.

Denver Egotist: Photog Matt Nager exposes the skimpy swimsuits of San Mateo.

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Joe Ponce de Carrano
Joe Ponce de Carrano

No, I'm still on the BArack the Butcher thing arming religious extremists for an oil pipeline in Syria.


The NFL went out of their way to remove Von Miller from the Denver Broncos. They don't want the Broncos to be as good as they are, and they removed the Broncos's Ray Lewis. Any Bronco fan who is siding with the NFL and Law Enforcement when it comes to harassing the cornerstone of the Bronco defense, is a petty motherfucker. 


Rognvald Ó Maonaigh
Rognvald Ó Maonaigh

According to your description, " is Denver's leading source of *news*, criticism, event coverage and general screwing around...". However, most of what I see falls into the last two and there's definitely a lot more "screwing around" than "event coverage. The Denver Post has really gone down-hill, along with the rest of the mainstream media. You guys and gals could be filling that void with quality coverage of important issues, but you're just filling the holes with trash like everyone else. I really hope that someone working for you sees this and is inspired to quit to go work as a real journalist. It will make the time I spent typing this worth it, and then some. Or better yet, maybe someone in management will see it and grow a conscience and acquire some gusto. Stranger things have happened! America is only great when the public is truly informed and not distracted by trivial crap like this. If you want to tell me about an upcoming concert, fine. But the other spaces in your magazine and on your website could be filled with at least a little bit of stuff that actually matters.

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