Photos: Angry Denver hooker and nine more Weekly World News Colorado scoops

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Remember the print edition of the Weekly World News, the supermarket tabloid that specialized in stories about rock music curing a deaf girl, JFK and Hitler still being alive and Hillary Clinton adopting an alien baby? Well, we found an amazing archive of its "reporting" from the Reagan era into the last decade and discovered a treasure trove of Colorado scoops, all guaranteed true or false -- one or the other. From '90s issues alone, we learned about everything from a toe-eating babysitter to a Denver hooker angry at...well, you'll see. Count down our ten weirdest finds below.

Number 10: The resurrection of Sammy
Paula Magnuson of Denver couldn't bear the thought that her beloved hamster, Sammy, had gone to his final reward. So she popped into the freezer and then, on a lark, decided to thaw him out six months later -- and lo and behold, he was perfectly fine!

Number 9: Revenge of the Porta-Pottie Inspector
A dangerous lunatic with a superhero (supervillain?) fixation reportedly was fed up with the condition of portable toilets at DIA -- so he decided use arson in support of justice. Among his alleged notes: "If you don't fix the toilet-paper dispenser, I will burn down another one. Signed, The Flame Man."

Continue to keep counting down our favorite Weekly World News Colorado scoops.

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Torching porta-potties is news here, REALLY?  When we have the Porta-Potty-PEEPER?????  C'mon....

John Mccall
John Mccall

Another dumb fuck white, male Republican. Send his stupid ass to Ohio.

Jeffrey Von Stetten
Jeffrey Von Stetten

Early adrenal fatigue from overwork and high stress. Did you notice his job?

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Is this how low it goes, or does it go any lower? 

Really? Re-publishing Weekly World News stories?

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